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Strange How my Byline Hasn’t Aged

I’ve been writing about the outdoors for more than 30 years. Hint: I started before Al Gore invented the Internet. My bylines have appeared as Guy Sagi, Guy J. Sagi, Fear and Loading and G.J. Sagi with a few dead relatives to be named later. Don’t ask. Most of the time today my name doesn’t appear anywhere, which is OK, so long as the check clears.

Oddly, my name in a magazine/website looks just as fresh and eager as the day it appeared with my first search and rescue article. Yet, there’s this old geek in my mirror every morning and he’s still excited to craft the words and create the images that get people out of doors safely.

Surviving the Changes

The landscape has changed radically. Websites are thriving and many flagship publications are somewhere in Davey’s Locker. My hands don’t smell like Dektol and D76 from developing black-and-white prints, which makes my wife happy.

I’ve expanded from an exclusive search and rescue perspective, although it’s still exciting to share lifesaving tips. There’s a lot to be learned today, by everyone, even in the “safe” city.

The continuing education keeps me going, and I’m not alone. The writers who specialize in fishing, climbing, hunting and shooting that successfully made the jump to electronic is long. What Richard Mann has accomplished, for example, puts everything I’ve done to shame.

Passion for the outdoors runs deep, and it reflects in each writer’s dedication, despite the hurdles. Each of us are truly blessed, and occasionally see our name in an old-school print magazine. I’m probably not alone when I say it still makes me smile, like this one that arrived the other day, the May/June Sporting Retailer.


4 thoughts on “Strange How my Byline Hasn’t Aged”

  1. What kinds of things can you include in a byline to make someone more transparent that might not be related to how many years they’ve been in the journalism industry?

  2. Good info and right to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to hire some professional writers? Thanks 🙂

    1. comes to mind right away, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for gun/outdoor writers, I highly recommend contacting the South East Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA).

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