Not Sure if this Qualifies as Gun Porn

My experience at the National Shooting Sports Foundation Fantasy Shooting Sports Camp in April was wonderful. I wrote about it here, for NRA’s American Rifleman and there’s another article scheduled to appear soon. Getting good photographs of guns in action isn’t exactly easy. That’s why I always take many more than I need for articles and sales, winding up with a surplus of what some call gun porn.NSSF Fantasy Camp, Walther pistol cycling, handgun ejecting brass, Guy Sagi

I won’t tell you the final count when I got back from Vegas. I gave my Canon 5D a well-earned month vacation. Let’s just say there’s another 1,000 images I haven’t opened in Photoshop yet because the thumbnails look, well, boring. Either that, or I’m still exhausted after three months.

Photo Use

If you visit the story at, you won’t find many images. It’s a shame, too, because seeing firearms hard at work—1/8000th of a second at a time—is awesome. The other article will probably be accompanied by two dozen images, which is nice for firearm enthusiasts, obviously.

Today I was doing that annoying task of cleaning my computer’s hard drive and ran across the trip’s folder. Maybe 200 images are good enough to sell in the future, but they’ll collect digital “dust” in the meantime. Then there’s the GoPro footage I took remotely downrange taking up space.

Gun Porn Outlet

Some of them are too good to ignore. That’s why I gathered more than 100, mixed them with video, and created a Formula 1-fast 2-minute slide show/video for my Fear and Loading YouTube channel today. They’ve been moved to my library drive until an editor needs one, but in the meantime, give them a look. If you can ignore my monotonous voice in the beginning you might actually enjoy it. I suggest turning down the volume, personally.

For camera buffs out there, the video was taken on a GoPro 3 Black and I was running the 70-200L Canon glass on my camera. Shutter speed was way up there, thanks to that bright sun and I dialed the F-stop wide open. Depth of field suffered, but I did get some great images of guns cycling.

Let me know what you think….and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.




Ballistics, Breast Impants and Non-Newtonian Fluid Body Armor?

Non-Newtonian fluid body armor probably wasn’t on Dr. Christopher Pannucci’s mind as he treated the woman for a gunshot wound. It would be just another case in the E.R., except for one peculiar fact. The bullet’s trajectory altered after it hit her breast implant, missing the heart and saving her life. The case piqued his curiosity. “The entrance and exit wounds were not in a straight line, so we thought the implant must have caused the bullet to slow down and alter its trajectory,” he told

He assembled a team of experts and tested the theory. The results aren’t shocking to firearm owners, although his expense report may raise eyebrows. After passing through large saline implants, handgun bullets traveled roughly 20 percent less through ballistics gelatin blocks behind. Muzzle velocities were a little more than 930 fps and distance to target was almost 8 feet.

Pannucci noted bullets collected after passing through the supple-to-the-touch barrier exhibited a larger diameter and flatter profile. He theorizes the corresponding increase in drag coefficient slows velocity until lifesaving turns become possible. He explained, “But it would depend on the bullet velocity and the size and type of the implant.”

Non-Newtonian Fluid Body Armor Research

The news probably won’t get much of a rise out of researchers who’ve been working on a liquid outer layer to protect law enforcement and military personnel. In 2010, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory released a video on advancements after a decade of experiments with a non-Newtonian shear thickening fluid—light and flexible enough to be used in the parts of fatigues not traditionally protected by body armor.

The same year, BAE announced a Kevlar/liquid mix that researchers affectionately labeled bulletproof custard. “Its [the liquid] molecules lock together more tightly when struck,” the Popular Science article explains.

By 2015, Poland’s Military Institute of Military Technology had allegedly solved the nagging liquid body armor-weight riddle without compromising its performance—which greatly exceeds that of Kevlar. Viscosity in non-Newtonian fluids varies with force applied, potentially spreading energy across the entire media and those that thicken can instantly harden to armor-plate strength.

I have sudden urge watch Terminator again.


Win a VIP NASCAR Weekend Package

(Photo courtesy of Daniel Defense)


Introduce someone to target shooting before Sept. 23 and you qualify for a chance to win two hot passes to a NASCAR race. The special tickets provide access to the pit and garage, team hauler tours and the opportunity to meet Richard Childress. It’s all part of this year’s National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF) festivities, the 45th annual.

Simply fill out the pledge form and haul that spouse, co-worker or friend to the range. The drawing’s runner-up won’t be complaining, either, because he or she will visit Missouri’s Ozark Mountains for a two-night stay in a log cabin at Big Cedar Lodge, enjoy guided largemouth fishing on Table Rock Lake, attend Bass Pro Shops’ Outdoor Shooting Academy and much more.

“Mentoring is critical to ensure our outdoor tradition lives on through future generations,” said Childress, honorary chair for 2017 NHF Day and NASCAR racing legend. “Make the commitment to take someone outdoors and show them why you value hunting, fishing and target shooting.”

Voluntary Taxes

The Pittman-Robertson Act. enacted in 1937, places an 11-percent tax on sporting arms and ammunition. That money is then distributed to states for acquisition of property and development of open-to-the-public facilities (ranges), hunting and firearm education and wildlife conservation. Handguns were added in 1970—at 10 percent—and archery gear was included in 1972. A similar tax, Dingell-Hart, is levied on fishing gear. The sum collected is substantial. Last year the figure was $1.1 billion and Vista Outdoor’s bill for fiscal year 2017 was $87 million.

NHF Day is an annual celebration of the sportsman’s investment and contribution to conservation through organizations and volunteer labor. “Help a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker learn how to hunt, fish or shoot,” Childress said. “Introducing someone to the joys of the outdoors not only enriches their life, it creates a future conservationist.”