Real Life Spooky Tales

I'm from the government and here to kill you,

Soulless spirits summoned from the netherworld roam the earth on Halloween night, enlisting lost souls in their goulish army and striking fear into those who refuse to submit to their will. OK, it’s just costumed kids looking for a sugar fix at the door, but read Dave T. Hardy’s new book, “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Kill You: The True Human Cost of Official Negligence,” and I guarantee these real life spooky tales will force you to check under your bed, twice, before you turn off the lights and retire.

What’s really scary is the fact you won’t find it in the fiction section, either. Hardy documents the true stories in frightening detail, and explains how Americans met government-approved final fates in tales as recent as Operation Fast and Furious—leaving behind a body count that continues to rise after “public servants” cooked up a drug cartel gun-running scheme.

Tales of Death and Destruction

The lack of accountability after Ruby Ridge will make your hair stand on end. Revelations from Waco—including the fact that arrests could have been made without a shot fired—still gives me the creeps. That chapter’s title pretty much gives away the plot though, “Waco, Texas: It’s Showtime.”

Hardy knows a thing or two about the inner workings of our government. For 10 years he worked as an attorney for the Interior Department’s Office of the Solicitor in Washington, DC. In 1975 he was admitted to practice before the Arizona Supreme Court and in 1980 received the same privilege from the Supreme Court of the United States. He has argued and won constitutional challenges under the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Tenth Amendments.

He speaks with legal authority—in a lively fashion that’s a pleasure to read—when he explains how 600 innocent residents of Texas City were killed through no fault of their own in 1947. There’s also a science-gone-wild chapter, in which officials withheld medicine in Tuskegee, AL, just to see what happens to the victims. Did residents get the same protection as the military when we tested our first atomic bombs? Searching for an answer as to why, “The Department of Veterans Affairs Kills Veterans,” as he puts it?  Did the government add poison to alcohol that killed people during Prohibition?

Download it Trick or Treat Time

Hardy covers all that and much more in his book, “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Kill You,” which is available from as a Kindle download or in hard copy. They retail for $14.74 and $17.18, respectively.

I’ve known Hardy for more than three decades and have had the honor of working with him on a variety of articles. He’s knowledgeable, oozes patriotism and a diehard supporter of the Second Amendment. This is his fifth book, and despite the fact he’s already written one New York Times best seller, I think this chilling tale is his boldest and best yet.