Hot Dog Robbery

Phoenix, AZ, police responded to a eunique case about a month ago when a 19-year-old man allegedly trying to rob a hot dog stand on Oct. 31 cut his escape attempt short by shooting himself in the penis.  Surveillance video captured the event, and authorities indicate the unwanted discharge came after he stooped to collect money from the floor, ultimately hitting the trigger when he shifted the .38 in his waistband.

After a short wrestling match with an employee, he escaped and the blood trail indicated he managed to make his way to a nearby bench to wait for a bus to the rodeo—or at least that’s what Chris LeDoux fans will claim (Hint: it doesn’t get 40 below in Phoenix). When his ride didn’t arrive, he went up the steps of a nearby building, collapsed and was corralled without incident.

Investigators told reporters the arrested man’s underwear pattern matched those in the video. He was also in possession of a pistol of the same caliber and victims’ wallets. The fact his voice was a lot higher than in the audio captured by security cameras may be a challenge for prosecutors, though.