More Aguila Minishells Coming

Aguila Minishells, Fear and Loading, Guy J. Sagi

I posted a modest YouTube video on my Fear and Loading channel two years ago providing all the details on Aguila Minishells, then followed it up with testing. The response has been a resounding, “Where can I buy it?” Thankfully, I received a note from the company public relations manager today that should stop the flood of e-mails and comments…..I hope.

“Minishell production did ramp up and we’ll also begin producing Minishell here in our Texas facility in a few months,” I was told. “The Minishell sells out as soon as we get it in our warehouse. All of our distributors have been receiving shipments, but they’re not always telling is where the Minishell is going. I do believe Sportsman’s Warehouse has it. We’re also hoping that Academy, Brownells, etc. will have it soon as well. A good place to always check is I believe they currently have Minishell available.”

Advantage in Aguila Minishells

The videos detail the smaller size and precise load (including powder charge), but the Reader’s Digest version of the story is the load is shorter in size (advertised at 1 3/4 inches), which means higher magazine capacity in self-defense shotguns with tubular magazines. The Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 are examples. The buckshot version is the one I was sent for testing and it’s loaded with 5/8 ounce of two different sizes of buckshot.

The lighter load and moderate powder charge mean less recoil, getting you back on target faster. The shorter stature, however, means it doesn’t function flawlessly in all firearms, however I’ve yet to hear that from 870 owners. The testing video details that situation in the gun we were using, although there are many aftermarket solutions now available to improve carrier handling.

Aguila Minishells could be an ideal solution for recoil-sensitive shooters who use a shotgun for home defense, assuming they feed in the gun 100 percent of the time. Reduce the thumping and the odds are they’ll practice more, too. It’s important to note, as well, that the pattern in our gun didn’t widen significantly from a traditional load despite the added distance before the buckshot enters the forcing cone. So at home-invasion distances, the shotgun still needs to be aimed to effectively neutralize the threat.