Inland Manufacturing is Back in the Gun Business

Inland Manufacturing is back in the gun business, Fear and Loading, Guy J. Sagi, M1 Carbine,

I wish I took these photos, because that means I would have gotten my hands on some of the freshly minted firearms now that Inland Manufacturing is back in the gun business. I didn’t, unfortunately, but there’s no way I wasn’t going to share the eye candy the company sent after I contacted them for a Shooting Illustrated story.

It’s impossible to post all the pix here, but here’s a one minute-slide show I uploaded on YouTube with most of them. Carbines aren’t the only thing the company is offering, either.

I always wanted an M1, just because dad carried one in World War II. I’m not alone in my historic quest, although Charlie Brown, president of MKS Supply and marketer for Inland Manufacturing, said there’s also a huge market in young shooters who are buying because they’ve become a videogame favorite. 


Ron Norton, owner of Inland Manufacturing since 2014, is a veteran and former shooter on the U.S. Army Marksmanship team. So he knows guns and what it takes to make them shoot. He’s been in the business for years.

I’ve known Brown for years and he’s one of the most decent people out there. Combine the two and I’m hoping it’s the formula for success, because how Inland stepped up to produce firearms for our GIs during World War II is an important piece of our nation’s history. It would be a shame if it was lost.  

Inland Manufacturing  is Back in the Gun Business

From what I’ve seen, these guns are flat out attractive. The same can’t be said for most surplus versions you find in a gun store or pawn shop. If you do find a cherry, be ready to dig deep in your pockets. The reports I’ve seen indicate Inland’s new models are also downright reliable.

I can’t afford one right now, that’s for sure…..but when I can, I’m pulling the trigger.

A little rim lighting like this may’ve helped on the receiver section of the guns in the images, but when you have subjects as photogenic as this, it’s hard to miss. Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think.