Glock Explains SIG Suit

Glock G19X, Fear and Loading, Guy J. Sagi

Last week a number of business publications—including Bloomberg—reported on the legal action between SIG Sauer and Glock that was the subject of a three-judge meeting in Austria recently. My newsbrief at covered the story, but subsequently Glock has issued a press release to clarify an issue that affects more than just  the company's new 19X. Rather than rewriting or summarizing, here it is in full.

"GLOCK refers to media reports discussing pending patent litigation between SIG Sauer, Inc. and GLOCK GmbH."

"In January 2018, SIG Sauer, Inc. (SIG) filed a patent infringement suit together with a motion for a preliminary injunction against Glock GmbH (GLOCK Austria) in the Commercial Court Vienna, Austria.

"SIG´s motion requested the court to prevent GLOCK from manufacturing and selling some of its most popular pistol models. SIG´s motion for a preliminary injunction was dismissed by the court because GLOCK successfully proved that SIG´s patent is invalid. SIG did not appeal this important ruling, so it is a final decision.

"The remaining case in the Commercial Court Vienna is currently stayed because GLOCK filed a motion for a declaration of invalidity of the disputed patent with the Austrian Patent Office in April 2018.

"It is highly likely that the Patent Office will grant GLOCK´s motion and declare the disputed SIG patent null and void because GLOCK proved during the preliminary injunction court proceeding that the SIG patent is invalid.

"Our industry would be better served by its members putting their efforts and resources into providing the best possible products for our customers and protecting their second amendment rights rather than engaging in meritless litigation."