Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp

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A lot of aftermarket gun accessories are awesome—like the Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp and rail. Unfortunately, small firearm gear is often overlooked and rarely gets much publicity. The ingenuity and engineering prowess packed into some of those tiny packages makes it a shame, too.

Writeups are usually limited to 100 words with a boring photo, if the company is lucky. A passing mention as a new product is more common, but full-blown tests with specifications are unicorn rare.

I have an undying passion for the “gizmos,” if you will. They can be functional, tough, effective, fun and even save money. I take a lot of photos as a result of that curiosity and wonder and I maintain a Fear and Loading YouTube channel to give enthusiasts a close look before they buy.

Almost all the images and videos there will never be published elsewhere. Such is the nature of the business, even though a lot of time was spent using the focus-stacking technique mentioned in my Mission First Tactical blog.

Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp

The Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp performs a variety of chores. It has a QD mount on both sides, allowing the use of a sling, yet quick removal after a day in the field if the shotgun is also pressed into home-defense duty. It can be used to anchor a weaponlight on Remington 870 or Mossberg 930 pump-action shotguns. A small Picatinny rail can be attached, which opens a variety of laser/light options. It also stabilizes aftermarket magazine extensions.  

This is one of those aftermarket items that make you hit your head and ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Two machined aluminum “halves” bolt together securely around the barrel and tube magazine contours. Far forward mounting is required to prevent obstructing the pump action’s stroke, though. If simply attached to the barrel, the “tunnel” created underneath can secure a 1-inch diameter flashlight. The rail will go on either side, making the setup completely ambidextrous.


This isn’t a flimsy piece of gear, either. I’ve been torture testing one and it’s come through without a scratch. It holds tight and no matter what I’ve wiggled onto that 2-inch mil-std 1913 (STANAG) rail, it’s gone on and stayed put. With the 1-inch flashlight configuration the shotgun gets a little nose heavy, but it beats not having hands-free light when someone is breaking down the door and law enforcement hasn’t arrived.

At $90 it’s not dirt cheap, but it’s going to last forever, that’s for sure.

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list who owns a Remington 870 or Mossberg 930 that doesn’t have a weaponlight yet, take a close look at the Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp with rail. I suggest you start by watching this short video….at 4k, it’s probably best enjoyed on your TV.