Heading to the NRA Annual Meetings with the Kids?

Indianapolis Childrens Museum, Heading to the NRA Annual Meetings, Fear & Loading, Guy J. Sagi, Raeford NC

Photo courtesy of VisitIndy.com

Racing will take a back seat for parents if they’re heading to the NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis, IN, this weekend. There’s a lot more than just high-speed, low-drag sights to see if you’re going to be among the tens of thousands visiting the area. Families in particular may want to include a stop at the world’s largest children’s museum.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis covers 472,900 square feet, has five floors and includes 11 galleries. The NRA Annual Meetings has it beat at 650,000 square feet and there’s no shortage of family friendly fun there, including Eddie Eagle, Pyramid Air Air Gun Range, a Youth Day that kicks off with a scavenger hunt, and more.

If you’re heading to the NRA Annual Meetings, the non-profit museum, however, has some things the youngsters won’t get to see on the show floor. For example, it’s home to more than 120,000 artifacts, the largest collection of any children’s museum in the world. There’s a 130-seat SpaceQuest Planetarium, a “Dinosphere: Now You’re in Their World” experience, a National Geographic Treasures of the Earth that immerses youths in three archeological digs and even has a working lab, ScienceWorks, Biotechnology learning center, a Power of Children wing, Eli Lilly Center for Art Exploration and too much to mention here.

Once the eager minds are sufficiently excited about cracking the books and the world around them, there’s also a chance to ride on an antique merry go round/carousel up on the fifth floor, a polar bear that’s been greeting visitors to the museum since 1964, mastodon skeleton unearthed in Greenfield, IN, and—just in case you’ve visited before—level two features traveling exhibits that rotate.

Before you head to the NRA show, stop by level three, where children can sit in and pose in an authentic IndyCar. It’s guaranteed to put the whole family back in that high-speed, low-drag mode.

Visit Indy has a long list of the sights and sounds worth experiencing if you’re attending the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.