SIG Sauer Cross Rifle Chambered in .277 Fury

SIG Sauer Cross Rifle chambered in .277 Fury Fear and Loading

Hundreds of new products will officially be unveiled at the SHOT Show Tuesday morning, but the SIG Sauer Cross Rifle chambered in .277 Fury will attract gun writers like iron filings to a magnet. They’ll crowd around in abrasive clumps and cling to every word at the company booth.

The .277 Fury is the commercial version of SIG Sauer’s 6.8 mm entry into the military’s NGSW competition. More on that later. The bolt action is also available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win.

Special Notice: The SHOT Show is where the industry unveils the latest and greatest, but there may not be a SHOT Show 2021. Here are more details.

The SIG Sauer Cross Rifle chambered in .277 Fury is the company’s first precision bolt-action with “All American” bloodlines. It’s a design from SIG Sauer’s New Hampshire engineers. Manufacturing and machining are also done in the state. The world’s best long-range shooters and professional hunters tested the Cross lineup before unveiling.

SIG Sauer Cross Rifle chambered in .277 Fury Fear and Loading

“When our product management team and engineers researched developing a bolt-action rifle, they looked at what was missing from the market, and what new innovation SIG could bring to hunters and precision shooters,” said Tom Taylor, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Commercial Sales at SIG Sauer. “Hunting rifles are typically focused on less weight, and accuracy is secondary. Precision rifles are designed for extreme accuracy, with no weight limitations. What was missing from the market was a true crossover. Our product management team and engineers took the best of both worlds and developed the Cross featuring the characteristics of a hunting rifle, with the accuracy of a precision rifle.”

The .308 Win. and .277 Fury have a 16-inch barrel. Overall length is 36.5 inches, but the folding stock lets it compress to 25. Weight is 6.2 pounds without a magazine. In 6.5 Creedmoor overall length is 35.5 inches and it shrinks to 27. Weight (sans magazine) is 6.4 pounds and barrel length 18 inches.  

Features on all of SIG Sauer’s Cross rifles include stocks that fold at the push of a button. All have a one-piece aluminum receiver that eliminates the need for bedding the action and use AI magazines. M-LOK handguards surround the free floated stainless-steel rifled barrels. Triggers are two-stage match-grade and externally adjustable from 2.5 to 4 pounds. The safety is ambidextrous. Bolts are a three-lug design with a 60-degree throw and handles are interchangeable. The precision stock is spring-loaded for one-handed operation and fully adjustable for length of pull and comb height with no tools. The rifles have a full-length replaceable picatinny rail that allows for direct optics mounts.

The SIG Sauer Cross Rifle chambered in .277 Fury big news guaranteed to energize SHOT Show attendees.

The guns finally started shipping in August 2020. Here are the details.

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