2020 SHOT Show—Bond Arms Grizzly

Bond Arms Grizzly Guy J Sagi

The newest member of the Bond Arms Rough Series has been introduced at the SHOT Show—the Bond Arms Grizzly. Like all Bond Arms, the Grizzly features stainless-steel barrels and frames, cross-bolt safety, retracting firing pins, spring-loaded cam-lock lever and rebounding hammer.

The Bond Grizzly’s 3-inch barrel, with blade front sight and fixed rear sight, is chambered in .45 Long Colt and 2 1/2-inch .410 bore shotshells. The Grizzly frame is compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels. Vibrant rosewood grips engraved with grizzly bear artwork, the Bond Arms name and a checkered panel, add texture and character to the pistol. The pistol includes a matching leather holster embossed with a grizzly bear.

Special Notice: The SHOT Show is where the industry unveils the latest and greatest, but there may not be a SHOT Show 2021. Here are more details.

The Grizzly joins the company’s Rough Series that includes the Rowdy and Roughneck models. They build these value-priced pistols using the stainless-steel construction and quality control standards seen in all their guns but cut down on the polishing and hand-finishing, passing the savings on to their customers. Rough Series pistols undergo a minimal cleanup and deburring to make sure there are no sharp edges and then are bead-blast finished. Parting lines in the metal frame and trigger guard, as well a swirly tool mark on the barrel, may be visible. Sanding and polishing the frame removes tiny casting imperfections and rough areas, but with a rough finish, these unique marks are visible, giving each pistol its own unique character.

Bond Arms Grizzly features include: 

  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever
  • 3-inch barrel
  • .45 Long Colt / .410 shotshell bore
  • Rough finish
  • Includes leather holster
  • MSRP: $377

If you haven’t seen the workmanship that goes into a Bond Arms gun, here’s a short video we did, with detailed photos, of the Bond Arms Defender.