2020 SHOT Show—Federal FireStick Muzzleloader Propellant

Federal FireStick Muzzleloader Propellant fear & loading

The expert engineers at Federal Ammunition knew there could be a better, easier and safer way to hunt with a muzzleloader. New for 2020, Federal Ammunition is launching Federal FireStick Muzzleloader Propellant, a proprietary and newly patented muzzleloading propellant system that is safer and easier to use than ever before. Developed with Traditions and Hodgdon, this new system revolutionizes a platform for hunting enthusiasts.

Special Notice: The SHOT Show is where the industry unveils the latest and greatest, but there may not be a SHOT Show 2021. Here are more details.

The new Federal FireStick Muzzleloader Propellant is a premeasured self-contained powder charge. It consists of a polymer capsule precisely filled—using strict specifications at Federal’s ammunition plant—with an exact charge of all-new, ultra-clean black powder substitute Hodgdon Triple 8 granular powder. The sealed capsule utilizes a breakable front section (cap) that completely encases the powder charge.

The primary benefit of the FireStick is best-in-class safety, followed by convenience, consistent accuracy, ease of cleaning, simplicity of use, and more. Operation of the Federal FireStick Muzzleloader Propellant system is simple. First, the bullet is loaded from the muzzle to seat on top of a bullet shelf inside the barrel of the rifle. The break-open action of the rifle is opened. The FireStick is then installed into the open breech to seat just behind the bullet shelf and seated bullet. A 209 Muzzleloader primer is inserted into the FireStick propellant capsule to charge the powder. The break-open action is closed. It’s now ready to fire, once the hammer is pulled back and the safety is turned off.

Upon product launch, Traditions has an exclusive arrangement utilizing the FireStick system. At the time of print, one NitroFire .50 caliber rifle is available from Traditions. In addition, the company plans on launching several different rifles at various feature levels and price points to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences. Visit Traditions Firearms for more information. www.Traditionsfirearms.com for more information.

Research conducted by Federal Ammunition shows that many states define a muzzleloader by the requirement of loading the projectile down the muzzle manually. By this definition, many states should allow the FireStick to be legal for hunting big game during their muzzleloader seasons. However, all hunters should check their state regulations to ensure legality before use.