2020 SHOT Show—Sierra Prairie Enemy Ammunition

sierra prairie enemy Fear & Loading

There’s a new Sierra Prairie Enemy Varmint and Predator family of cartridges. The predator- and varmint-control ammunition delivers pinpoint precision with devastating terminal performance and debuts in four popular calibers: .204 Ruger, .223 Rem., .224 Valkyrie and .243 Win.

Sierra Prairie Enemy offers shooters and hunters an economical package for high-volume varmint and predator control. Sierra tipped each Prairie Enemy cartridge with a BlitzKing bullet, designed for explosive expansion in varmints and small game, with the well-known MatchKing accuracy.

Special Notice: The SHOT Show is where the industry unveils the latest and greatest, but there may not be a SHOT Show 2021. Here are more details.

Manufactured with the finest components and the same dedication and performance for which the company is renowned, Sierra Prairie Enemy Ammunition is enemy number one for varmints and predators. Whether prairie dogs, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, bobcats or even wild pigs, Prairie Enemy’s extreme accuracy and downrange performance will stop them in their tracks.

The .204 Ruger load has a 36-grain bullet. In .223 Rem you have a choice between 55 and 69 grains. The .224 Valkyrie load features a 69 grainer and in .243 Win. the cartridge wears a 70-grain version.

This isn’t everything new from the company this year, either. Be sure to check out its competition-grade composite-cased ammo.