350 Legend FAQs

350 Legend FAQs

Winchester Ammunition introduced the .350 Legend cartridge to enthusiasts at the 2019 SHOT Show and a few readers have e-mailed with questions about it. Here’s a brief list of.350 Legend FAQs and links I hope help clear things up.

Who is making .350 Legend ammo right now?

Winchester already offers a diverse line of .350 Legend ammo.  If you like to keep things quiet, take a look at its Super Suppressed loads. Browning also introduced its line at the 2020 SHOT Show in January. Hornady is another manufacturer producing it, and the list of makers is growing by the day.

Will the .350 Legend run in an AR?

Yes, in compatible/properly modified modern sporting rifles. CMMG’s Resolute 300 Mk4 is already available, for example, and it’s getting good reviews. Below is one from Hickok45.

What bolt-action rifles chamber the .350 Legend?

Winchester makes XPRs in .350 Legend. In the Ruger American Rifle line you’ll find it in its Predator, Ranch and Go Wild Camo models. Savage and Mossberg also make them for the cartridge and models are added by manufacturers all the time. CVA even sells a single-shot, break-action version—and those Bergara barrels are accurate.

Is it really the fastest straight-walled cartridge every made?

We’ll defer to the expertise of Winchester Ammo, which writes, “Yes, the 350 Legend is the fastest SAAMI-approved straight-walled hunting cartridge for use in states that have specific regulations for deer hunting with straight-walled centerfire cartridges. Those states include, but may not be limited to: Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and Indiana.”

How does it compare to the .30-30 Win.?

Deferring again to Winchester, here’s the numbers when a 150-grain Extreme Tip bullet leaves a 20-inch barrel from both chamberings. In .350 Legend it is traveling 2,325 fps at the muzzle. Energy there is 1,800 ft.-lbs. From the .30-30 Win. chambering, it exits at 2,205 fps and generates 1,619 ft.-lbs.

Where can I find the ammo?

Don’t waste a lot of time looking for it at your local big-box store, but most FFLs are beginning to keep some in inventory. I use Wideners for most of my ammo purchases, and the majority of it’s online anymore. I’ve been very pleased by the service and follow-up through Wideners.

Where can I find the specs and technical drawings of the case?

I have more technical information posted in this blog, and there you will find a direct link to the SAAMI technical drawings for the cartridge and chambering.

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