Phoenix Weaponry’s New Integrally Suppressed Shotgun Line

Phoenix Weaponry’s New Integrally Suppressed Shotgun Line

From Phoenix Weaponry

Phoenix Weaponry’s new integrally suppressed shotgun line allows for the use of most any type of shotgun ammo and your choice of chokes.  There are several levels customers can choose from starting with a base model Cindy, which is either a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 and adding the integrally suppressed barrel.

For a truly new experience with a shotgun step up to the Eliza model that has been entirely enhanced along with the integral suppressor. In addition to these models, customers can also have their shotguns suppressed or enhanced. This system works on any pump-action, bolt-action, semi-auto or full-auto shotgun.

After years of testing and development along with tens of thousands of shotgun rounds, Phoenix Weaponry Owner Aaron Cayce said, “We have achieved the perfect balance between sound suppression, ability to change your chokes, and ammo functionality up to 3.5-inch shells. You can use everything from buckshot to birdshot and even slugs through our integrally suppressed shotguns.”

Phoenix Weaponry starts by using the factory shotgun barrel, then removes the sight rib where the suppressor will mount to and machines sporting clays style ports into the sides of the barrel. The rear sleeve cap is then installed along with the front suppressor threads and the 6-inch Delta Mono Core suppressor core is then installed. It’s then finished off with the suppressor sleeve and end cap. System total weight ads 17-ounces to the firearm and 5-inches in overall length.

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