Browning Ammunition Now Shipping .28 Nosler

Browning Ammunition Now Shipping .28 Nosler

From Browning Ammunition

Browning Ammunition announces that its Long Range Pro ammunition in .28 Nosler is now available at a variety of outdoor retailers. Browning will also be shipping its BXS Copper and BXC Controlled Expansion in 28 Nosler in the coming weeks. You can search for a Browning dealer near you using our Dealer Locator.

Browning Ammunition Now Shipping .28 Nosler

The Browning Ammunition products in 28 Nosler offer excellent long-range accuracy with bullet weights that are suitable for most medium- and large-size game. 
Long Range Pro: Designed for the utmost downrange accuracy, this cartridge is loaded with the trusted Sierra MatchKing bullet. A polymer tip and boat tail design provide very high ballistic coefficients for the utmost accuracy and consistency.

BXC Big Game: This bonded bullet is designed specifically for large, tough animals like elk or moose. An anodized aluminum tip improves the ballistic coefficient, resulting in increased energy retention at longer ranges. This metal tip also helps drive through tough hide and bone. The gradually thickening jacket profile allows for a more controlled expansion, resulting in deeper penetration and ensuring maximum trauma to the vital areas where it counts.

BXS Big Game: This polymer-tipped, solid-copper projectile is excellent for many types of game animals from pigs to deer and even big game like elk. Copper is an inherently accurate bullet material that is also very tough and maintains nearly 100% of its bullet weight on impact. This results in greater retained weight for deeper penetration and more consistent pass-throughs.

And if you’re looking for .350 Legend ammo, Browning has you covered, too.

Finding the right cartridge for long distance can be a challenge, but the experts I interviewed provided some sound advice.