Bushnell Pros Continue Hot Streak on PRS Circuit with Elite Tactical Riflescopes

Bushnell Pros Continue Hot Streak on PRS Circuit with Elite Tactical Riflescopes

From Vista Outdoor

Bushnell wishes to congratulate pro shooters Mark Cooper and Melissa Gilliland for claiming two titles at the recent Alabama Precision Regional PRS Match. Cooper used his trusted Elite Tactical XRS II to win the Tactical Division and place 4th overall in the match, continuing his hot streak in recent PRS competitions. Fellow teammate Gilliland was successful in earning a second consecutive Top Lady title thanks in part to her Elite Tactical DMR II Pro.

For Cooper, his recent win at the Alabama Precision Regional marked his fourth consecutive title in the Tactical Division. Entering the match, Cooper was red hot, earning wins at the Pigg River H.A.M., Red Brush and the K&M Precision Rifle Series matches. Cooper currently sits atop the PRS leaderboard with a commanding lead in the Tactical Division.

“Over the last couple of months, everything has been in sync,” said Cooper. “My gear has been running flawlessly and every shooter knows having that confidence is often the determining factor. I’ve always trusted my XRS II, but after these last few matches my faith in it just keeps growing. Regardless of how rough I treat it or what the conditions are – whether dealing with mirage or just bad weather – it never loses zero and it consistently gives me those clear views so I can keep making impacts.”

Fellow teammate Melissa Gilliland also delivered a strong performance taking home the Top Lady title. Fresh off her win at the MPA Regional PRS Match, Gilliland opted to use the Elite Tactical DMR II Pro to begin this year’s season.

“This year I decided to change things up a little and go with the DMR II Pro vs the scope I normally use – the XRS II,” said Gilliland. “While at first it was different not having the higher magnification range of the XRS II, the increased eye box of the DRM II Pro has helped with identifying and picking up targets faster. Both scopes have outstanding glass so really, it’s just a personal preference. You can’t go wrong either way.”