Hawke Optics Brings True Apochromatic Lenses to The Frontier Binocular

Hawke Optics Brings True Apochromatic Lenses to The Frontier Binocular

From Hawke Optics

Hawke Optics, the world leader in quality sporting optics that perform in the field at an amazing value to consumers, takes the premium Frontier binocular to an unbelievable level of clarity with apochromatic lenses and H7 optics for unsurpassed light transfer. They say what you see is what you get. With the Frontier APO, what you see will take your breath away.

Professional photographers know all about APO. Apochromatic lenses are designed to bring three light wavelengths (typically red, green, and blue) into focus in the same plane. This gives the image you see better correction of chromatic and spherical aberration from distances, which usually distorts the color and reducing the clarity of the images you see. APO lenses also correct for spherical aberration at two wavelengths, rather than one as in an achromatic lens. The result is a sharp increase in the definition of what you’re looking at and a wider, flat-field of view without distortion.

But Hawke didn’t just stop with adding APO lenses. Their new H7 optics have extra low dispersion glass that adds to the stunning highly defined viewing with even more color control and phase correction. H7 also adds new high performance lens coatings and dielectric-coated BAK-4 roof prisms which all combine to give you the highest level of light transmission for a bright, crystal-clear image.

There are two models of Frontier APO Binoculars. The 8×42 model has a field of view of 8.1 degrees and weighs in at 26.1 ounces thanks to the lightweight magnesium-alloy chassis. The 10×42 model has a 7.1-degree field of view and also weighs in at 26.1 ounces. Both models focus at 6.6 feet and have water-resistant lens coatings. They are water and fog proof and are fully nitrogen purged. Replaceable, twist-up eye cups with position stops let you tailor the fit to your needs. Stay-on lens covers protect the lenses. Like all Hawke Optics, the Frontier APO binoculars are covered by the Hawke No-Fault Lifetime Warranty, so go afield with confidence that you have the best value in extreme, high-performance binoculars. And if you’re looking for something different, take at look at the Bushnell Powerview 2.