Hunt Smarter with Wildgame Innovations All-New HuntSmart App

Hunt Smarter with Wildgame Innovations All-New HuntSmart App

From Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame Innovations introduces the ultimate scouting app. The HuntSmart app’s Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM) system organizes and analyzes trail camera images automatically with advanced features for as low as $2 per month. Its built-in species recognition algorithm software identifies game by species, including buck vs. doe differentiation, turkey, coyote, elk, hog and more. The app uses weather data, moon phase information and analyzed trail camera images to predict the best time and location for you to hunt. HuntSmart learns from trail camera captures, and more data means better predictions. Critical intel about your property and its game increase your odds of bagging bigger bucks this fall.

Monitor cameras remotely and in real-time via Live Stream to the HuntSmart app from up to 150 yards away when using any Insite Cell or Insite Air camera. These two new models are Wildgame Innovations’ most advanced game cameras ever engineered – both are controlled and enhanced using the HuntSmart app. The app’s scouting features work with any trail camera you are currently running; use advanced tools like Hunt Predictor, Hit List Tracker and Buck Scoring with any standard SD card. Or manage all this intelligence wirelessly when using any Insite Cell camera model. Share your best photos and videos within your buddies through the ap and save locally on your phone

HuntSmart app unlocks a wealth of information from your trail camera arsenal and places it at your fingertips – predicting, planning and sharing your hunt has never been easier. Download the HuntSmart™ app in your device’s app store today to begin your 30-day free trial, and start hunting smarter.

HuntSmart App Features:

  • Free to download on any iOS or Android device
  • Use to remotely manage Wildgame’s new Insite Cell™ and Insite Air™ cameras
  • Automatically sorts and analyzes trail cam images/videos
  • Species recognition for deer (buck vs. doe), turkey, coyote, elk and hog
  • Separate null (blank) photos without wildlife present
  • Capture advanced weather data based on camera location
  • Customize image descriptions and search gallery contents
  • Manage battery life, available storage and camera settings
  • Self-learning; the more data it gathers, the better its predictions