More Course Corrections at EOTECH

More Course Corrections at EOTECH

From Eotech

Since EOTECH became an independent business this past August, the new team has been shedding its old Corporate skin by fixing the lame structures and dogmas of the past. The latest course corrections reflect a vastly improved sales team structure, both internally and externally, that reinforces EOTECH’s renewed commitment to delivering the best products and service solutions all over the world.

No longer will this great company follow senseless internal rules or processes just because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” The New EOTECH is laser-focused on doing what’s right, moving fast, and providing superior service. To facilitate that, there is now a new sheriff in town. Effective October 1st, Mark Cockman, long time industry veteran, has assumed the role of Vice President of U.S. Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales, reporting to Ed Schoppman. Mark’s mission will be to streamline sales processes, deliver solutions to our industry partners, provide proactive service to the Law Enforcement community, and bring new and better sales programs to the marketplace.

Mark was a certified Utah Peace Officer from 1989-2016 working for Salt Lake County Sheriff from 1989-2001. He served equal time in patrol, investigations, and special operations. After leaving he remained active as a reserve officer until 2016 (serving with Salt Lake County Constable and Summit County Sheriff’s Office). Mark has worked in sales teams for ProForce, Remington, Aimpoint, L3 and EOTECH since 2001. Mark has taught many courses over his career with a wide variety of manufacturers. He holds a BS in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Utah.

“My team is all about the mission, which at the new EOTECH means doing the right thing, being agile and taking care of people. I suspect that our ‘No B.S.’ focus will irritate some people at the BPU (Business Prevention Union)” Mark said, “However, we really don’t care since the BPU is now banned from the building anyway.”

EOTECH has also recently completed a restructuring of its Manufacturers Sales Representatives (Rep Agencies) to provide better service to its resellers. U.S. territories are now covered by new rep agencies.

The company also joined forces recently with Easter Seals to fight depression.