Galco’s WheelGunner & Ironhide Belt Holsters

Galco's WheelGunner & Ironhide Belt Holsters

From Galco

Galco’s extremely versatile WheelGunner™ and Ironhide™ belt holsters offer ambidextrous design as well as quick on-off capability. Suitable for casual concealment and outdoor sportsman’s carry, they both carry a large handgun high and close to the body.

The WheelGunner secures a large revolver with a combination of hand molding and an adjustable hammer thong. Simply slip the hammer thong off and the gun is cleared for a fast, smooth draw.

I interviewed several custom holster experts, and you may be surprised at how affordable they are.

The Ironhide secures a semiautomatic pistol with a combination of hand molding and a reversible retention strap with a glove-friendly polymer tab. Release the strap and the pistol is cleared for a fast, smooth draw. The retention strap accommodates both hammer-down and cocked-and-locked carry on 1911-type pistols.

Both designs allow right or left hand carry by unsnapping the holster from the belt slide, moving the belt slide to the opposite side of the body, reversing the retention strap (on the Ironhide), and reattaching the holster. Leaving the belt slide attached to the belt, the holster body can also be quickly detached, should the carrier need to enter a “non-permissive environment” and temporarily store the holstered handgun.

Constructed of premium steerhide, both holsters fit belts up to 1 3/4”.

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