A Warranty With Zero Bull—The NoBS Warranty on Vudu® Precision Rifle Scopes

A Warranty With Zero Bull—The NoBS Warranty on Vudu® Precision Rifle Scopes


The EOTECH® line of Vudu Precision Rifle Scopes has answered the call that often falls on deaf ears from other optics manufacturers. Now, the complete line of Vudu® magnified optics is covered by EOTECH’s No Bull Sh*t (NoBS) Warranty.

Vudu optics are widely recognized as rugged, performance-driven optics. As a result, Vudu offers a warranty that is as uncompromising as its rifle scopes. Vudu cuts through all of the BS associated with typical optics warranties and back-up its products and customers like no one else.

The No Bull Sh*t, NoBS Warranty provides complete assurance that all Vudu rifle scopes are 100% completely protected against any sort of product failure. EOTECH will repair or replace all Vudu optics with issues related to materials and workmanship – PERIOD.

I interviewed the experts, and they explained the difference between AR optics and other riflescopes. Here’s what they had to say.

Available in first and second focal-plane models, from short range to long, Vudu riflescopes are built around virtually indestructible tubes to take on real conditions in the field. Yet, like the bumper stick says, “sh*t happens”.

Should a Vudu rifle scope ever experience any issues, EOTECH will repair or replace it, as determined by EOTECH, with a comparable product in equal or better condition, free of charge. Additionally, the NoBS warranty is issued to the product, not the customer. So, if you are a proud owner of a Vudu optic, new or used, you and your scope are covered. You don’t even need to provide proof of purchase.

The NoBS Vudu warranty does not cover cosmetic damage that does not affect the product’s use. The warranty also doesn’t apply to loss, theft, deliberate damage, modifications or alterations.

Another consideration is whether to go with an etched or wire reticle. The experts offered me some interesting insights.

EOTECH’s customers tend to be the most passionate, crazy SOB’s for their sport. Our customers want gear as tough as them and fully expect their optics to provide years of dependable hunting and shooting use. You can depend on Vudu products and count on us to take care of you. To learn more about the NoBS Warranty, please visit www.eotechinc.com/customer-service.

To learn more about the NoBS Warranty, please visit vuduoptics.com