New Guns & Gear for 2021—Steiner Optics TOR Series of Pistol Lasers and Light

New Guns & Gear for 2021—Steiner Optics TOR Series of Pistol Lasers and Light

From Steiner

Steiner Optics TOR pistol laser and light models are now available for dealers and consumers. The TOR Mini and TOR Fusion mounted to a pistol will fit a variety of holsters from popular manufacturers.

The TOR Mini features a Type III hard-anodized, machined aluminum housing and rail mount, which is dustproof and splash-proof to IP54 standards. The universal rail mount on the lasers and light will fit all pistols that have a Picatinny or Weaver-style rail forward of the trigger guard. This design allows optimum positioning of the laser so that the fire buttons are easily accessible for a wide range of users.

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It is available with either a red (635 nm) and green laser (520) lasers. Both lasers are direct diode type, allowing them to operate in extreme cold weather. Other features include left and right fire buttons for ambidextrous use, constant power drive that ensures the laser output remains constant throughout the life of the battery, low battery indication, as well as windage and elevation bore sight adjustment screws.

The TOR Fusion is a rail-mounted white light and aiming laser combination specifically designed for pistols. It is small enough to fit inside the majority of all commercially produced holsters on the market. It features left and right fire buttons for ambidextrous use and is available in red (635 nm) or green (520 nm) visible lasers. Ruggedly built with a Type III hard-anodized machined aluminum housing, the TOR Fusion is framed by a rail mount and illuminator bezel, ambient sealed, dustproof, and is splash-proof to IP54 standards.

TOR Mini:

Laser Power: 5.0 mW

Battery: CR 1/3N

Height: 1.2 in.

Width: 1.3 in.

Length: 2.1 in.

MSRP: $286.99

TOR Fusion:

Laser Power: 5.0 mW

Light 500 Lumen

Battery: (1) CR123

Height: 1.39 in.

Width: 1.34 in.

Length: 2.7

MSRP: $401.99

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