New Guns & Gear for 2021—Lyman Pro Dies

New Guns & Gear for 2021—Lyman Pro Dies

From Lyman

Designed for the tremendous volume of progressive presses, these dies also work great in turret and single station presses. The size, seat and crimp dies are all made of stainless steel for toughness and anti-corro­sion qualities. No more rusted dies!

Sizing dies have highly polished carbide rings for the ultimate in wear resistance and reduced sizing force. They feature a spring-loaded decapping rod system to ensure that the primer is forcefully ejected.

Rifle sets get our M die neck expander, with its two step expander plug for just the right amount of neck tension and case mouth flare.

Pistol sets include our flare die, to allow bul­lets to properly sit on the case mouth prior to seating.
The Micrometer Seating die has a micrometer adjustable seating head for precision bullet seating length. Its floating bullet seating punch centers the bullet on the case and eliminates exces­sive run-out.

Each set of Lyman Pro Dies includes a taper crimp die to remove case mouth flare and improve bullet retention.

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