German Precision Optics RANGETRACKER 1800 Rangefinder

German Precision Optics RANGETRACKER 1800 Rangefinder

From German Precision Optics

In response to customer requests, German Precision Optics (GPO) USA’s popular compact, lightweight, one-handed RANGETRACKER 1800 Rangefinder is now available in black. Introduced last year in green, this handheld rangefinder allows the hunter to accurately range its target out to 1800 yards with one of the fastest laser rangefinding systems on the market.

The GPO RANGETRACKER™ features state-of-the-art optical and electronic technology for both long-range rifle hunting and close archery usage (6 yards.) Designed with a high transmission optical system coated with GPO’s proprietary GPObright™ lens coatings, both line of sight and/or True-range™ adjusted angle distance readings, a Hyperscan™ feature that provides three readings per second, and Targetseeker™ technology that offers “best” and “last” laser hits. The display is an HLDC system that allows up to 25 percent more light to get through the optical system, making it usable in very low-light situations.

“We do our best to answer the needs of our customers,” said Mike Jensen, GPO owner and CEO. “They requested this product in black. We not only are bringing it out in black, but we have also lowered the price.”

The RANGETRACKER now available in both green and black has a new suggested retail selling price of $349.99 and is currently available at retailers nationwide. For more information on this product line CLICK HERE, call 1-844-MY-BINOS (692-4667) or visit