Mounting an Optic on a Glock

I had the opportunity to ask Brandie Collins, public relations and communications manager for Glock, a few quick questions to clear up footprint confusion for readers interested in mounting an optic on a Glock. The company’s Modular Optic System (MOS) addresses much of the frustration in an elegant manner.

GJS— Is the cut on your slides for optics compatible with other systems on the market or do enthusiasts need to purchase your adapter/plate to mount a red dot?

BC—We include an adapter set with every MOS (except Slimline models) that has four different plates to cover the vast majority of pistol optics offered.  If an optic does not fit, then the manufacturer typically provides an adequate plate.

GJS—If other units can be used, is there anything owners of your slides need to watch for or keep in mind?

BC—Not really however, as mentioned, the slimline MOS models vary as they are new on the market.

GJS—Is there an advantage to your system over others on the market?

BC—Glock is the number one selling pistol brand and has given a large focus on MOS (10 commercial models) to the market that it is in the best interest of optic manufacturers to prioritize their products to Glock pistols.

GJS—Is there anything you’d like to add to help dispel confusion on plates/adapters/footprints?

BC—If your optic does not fit using a Glock adapter plate, I recommend reaching out to the optic manufacturer as they will have an adapter plate. Slimline does not come with adapter plates and are specific to some of the new micro dots for narrow profile CCW pistols.

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