Mounting Optics on a Smith & Wesson

I asked Tony Miele, senior director of new product development at Smith & Wesson about mounting optics on a Smith & Wesson pistol recently. He wasn’t very talkative, but explained a little more about the company’s C.O.R.E. system.

GJS—Is the cut on your slides for optics compatible with other systems on the market or do enthusiasts need to purchase your adapter/plate to mount a red dot?

TM—The plates are supplied with the gun.

GJS—If other units can be used, is there anything owners of your optics slides need to watch for or keep in mind (offshore knockoffs, etc.)?

TM—Not that I’m aware of.

GJS—Is there an advantage to your system over others on the market?

TM—Six mounting plates are supplied with the pistol, that accommodates many of the popular optics for sale.

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