Pistol Optics Mounts Available at Brownells

There’s no lack of confusion when it comes to mounting red dot or reflex sights to a pistol. I recently asked a gunsmith at Brownells about this and pistol optic mounts available at Brownells.

He asked that his name be withheld, a request we’re honoring. For this short piece his answers come after the GS (for gunsmith) letters.

GJS—How many different cuts/footprints are available in slides from Brownells?

GS—Currently we have three different footprints. The RMR, RMRCC, and the Shield RMSC. The RMRCC and RMSC cuts are on the G43 and 48 slides. The RMR on 17, 19, 26, & 34 slides. Leupold Delta point and Burris Fastfire are in the works and should be available second quarter [of 2021].

GJS—Which cut/footprint is the most popular in your opinion?

GS—I’d say the RMR footprint is the most popular from what we see. Big reason is that there are other companies that use that footprint so a person isn’t tied to a specific brand of optic. Also the size makes it pretty easy to custom install on most guns. Not to mention the RMR and Holosun have really good reputations for durability.

GJS—Do you think there’s some confusion when enthusiasts select a slide for mounting optics?

GS—There is. I think a lot of that comes from the optics companies using their own footprint and not really doing a good job of explaining to the customer what it mounts to. Not to mention that every year there seems to be a new optic and new footprint so it becoming more difficult to keep them straight.

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