Athlon Optics Supports Veterans, Military and Law Enforcement

Athlon Optics Supports Veterans, Military and Law Enforcement

From Athlon Optics

As a supporter of veteran, active military, and law enforcement members Athlon Optics actively promotes and sponsors events for these communities.

At the height of Covid-19 the New York Police Department Long Range team was founded as a way to help officers find a therapeutic outlet during this stressful time. Athlon Optics, a leader in affordable long range optics, provided over $5,000 in products to help support this new addition to the NYPD Sports Unit to ensure they could meet their goal of reducing stress by engaging targets at 1,000 yards.

“It’s very necessary, you have a lot of guys that you know they deal with things in different ways, a lot of us, we don’t like to talk about what we’re feeling so it gives us time to get a way and relax,” says Officer Matthew Grau.

Throughout the year, Athlon Optics has used its expertise in long range precision to support military veterans as well. At the Texas Magpul 3gun State Championship, Athlon Optics in conjunction with 51 Fifty Rifles helped raise over $5,000 for Veterans Outdoors by helping competitors and spectators alike engage targets over 1,000 yards away with the Athlon Optics 1,000 Yard Challenge.

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