CES 2022 Attendance Down by 75 Percent

Final figures are in and reflect a CES 2022 attendance down by 75 percent with the SHOT Show opening only 10 days later in the same city—Las Vegas. The number of writers, bloggers, vloggers and other media attending CES to get a glimpse of new products plummeted from 6,517 in 2020 to 1,800 in 2022.

Barron’s reported late yesterday, “Diminished by widespread concern about the Covid-19 pandemic, attendance at the latest edition of the CES tech trade show was down more than 75% from the last live version of the show in 2020.” Total number of companies exhibiting was 2,300, while two years before that figure stood at 4,419, despite mandatory masks and proof of vaccination to attend.

CNET.com confirms the figures. “The number is a far cry from 2019, in which upwards of 180,000 attendees filled the Las Vegas Convention Center,” it reported. “The show’s Friday conclusion is a day earlier than originally scheduled, implemented as a safety measure after several larger companies such as Microsoft, Google, AMD and Intel canceled or modified their in-person plans.”

U.S. News & World Report wrote, “Attendance at this week’s CES gadget show in Las Vegas fell more than 75% compared to its previous in-person event two years ago, its organizer said Friday.”

Citing health-related concerns for employees, contractors and their families, Ruger, SIG Sauer, Beretta, Benelli, 5.11, Burris and Steiner have already announced they will have limited or no presence at the SHOT Show. The decisions became public prior to the release of CES’ final attendance.

SHOT Show is scheduled to open Jan. 18, during what some experts claim will be a period of record-setting COVID cases in the United States. In a Jan. 6 New York Times guest essay Dr. Jeffrey Shaman wrote, “Our projections depict a rapid surge of cases nationally that peaks at record high numbers during the first one to three weeks of January. Just how many? Our middle-of-the-cone projection produces five million cases during the worst week but ranges from three million to more than eight million cases.”

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