Bolt-Action Rifle Eye Candy

bolt-action eye candy

You can’t beat the outdoors, and the legitimate look it gives to photos. Yes, this bolt-action rifle eye candy looks like the background was blown in, but I battled off mosquitoes to pull it off.

It was popular on social media, although most assumed I’d taken that forest image and composited it onto the canvas. In reality I exposed for the dark surroundings and adjusted the strobes on the rifle until things turned out.

In Print

One of the many magazines I write/photograph for, in this case Predator Xtreme, was apparently pleased with it, too. It ran as a two-page color spread. Now that it’s appeared it’s for sale on my modest Adobe Stock photo account.

It’s fun when you get things right, even is the bugs are hungry. If you’re a technophobe, the camera was a Canon 5D MkIV, Canon tilt-shift 45 mm and 580EXIIs for strobes. The rifle’s a Bergara B14 in .22-250 Rem.

Bolt-Action Rifle Eye Candy

Let me know how you think this bolt-action rifle eye candy ranks. There’s a lot of awesome gun photography out there….so I don’t expect it to be the best you’ve seen, but constructive criticism is always welcome.

And thank you for stopping by my small website. I hope you enjoyed the image and have a glorious rest of your day.

If you happen to be a southpaw, you might want to take a look at the Bergara B-14R Trainer Rifle for lefties.

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