FNH USA FNAR, FNAR, strobist gun photo, Guy J. Sagi, Fear and Loading



Regardless of the pursuit, his images capture the sights and somehow reflect the experience that attracts readers to the outdoors.


Equipment is critical, and often best showcased in a manner that reminds readers of its ultimate use. Here are few of Sagi's images you might have seen in print, on the web or in manufacturer catalogs.



Yes, the animals are alive and wild. The portraits were taken with flashes to the left, right or both sides of the animals—remotely triggered from a Canon 5D MkII by either Pocket Wizards or an infrared ST-E2. The strobist approach adds unique lighting when employed in wildlife photography and, as you can see, enhances an image's layering (further focusing interest if text will be added). The approach is one of Guy Sagi's favorites, but gear isn't the biggest investment—time is.


The outdoors has a lot to offer, and the flavor that surrounds all of our pursuits isn't missed in the images collected for editorial consideration.



Here's a random sampling of other wildlife images Guy Sagi has captured across North America.

Crafting the words and images that capture the spirit of the outdoor sports and the beauty that surrounds them.