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Complete Editorial Packages

Guy J. Sagi's article/photography packages have appeared in hundreds of outdoor magazines and websites, including Shooting Illustrated, American Rifleman, Four Wheeler, Tactical Retailer, American Survival Guide, Peterson's Hunting and many more. Combined with his background as an editor, the final product is polished and complete. Here's a look at some of his stories/photos with tips for the outdoorsman, gear reviews and events/destinations.



Sagi has been hired by major firearm companies and other outdoor-related product manufacturers to produce images for their catalogs. He continues to sell photographs to magazines and websites to illustrate articles by other writers and his stock photo business thrives. For more details visit this page.


Final Polish Readers Enjoy

For 10 years, Guy J. Sagi was an editor in the National Rifle Association's Publication's Division, and his duties included editor-in-chief of Shooting Illustrated—the organization's only newsstand monthly at the time. After reluctantly leaving the NRA due to his family situation, his talent is still relied upon by a number of the industry's largest players.  His broad base of outdoor experience—including a decade of search and rescue work, fishing books, hunting and a lifetime outdoors—provides him with the background required to spot technical errors easily overlooked when deadlines loom.

What They're Saying

His work continues to attract attention. Here's a few links to stories and mentions in web.