Media Mentions

Editors, writers and photographers aren't exactly media magnets, but Sagi has garnered a few stories, including these you might enjoy.

 36 Hours of Uwharrie


'Stinkiest' Image of Them All?

Snowbound for days during an assignment in remote Colorado, he kept his shutter clicking around camp and whenever a rare window in the weather allowed him to sneak away. The outhouse that saw heavy use for the cold week was one of his targets, and here's some of the coverage after a publisher purchased it for a book.

Los Angeles Times

USA Today/

Fayetteville Observer




Personal Defense World


Youth Sports

The annual Daisy BB Gun Championships have attracted youths and their families from across the country for more than 50 years. Guy Sagi loves covering the event because of the contagious enthusiasm and manner in which focusing on a tiny target downrange translates to concentration in the classroom and on-demand, undivided attention into their adult years.

Outdoor Wire


Shooting Wire



Accolades From Manufacturers

Tactical Medical Solutions