Editing Experience

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NRA's Shooting Illustrated

Guy J. Sagi started his first of 10 years with the National Rifle Association Publications Division as managing editor for the newsstand monthly. He was later assigned to oversee several other publications during his tenure at Fairfax, VA, headquarters, and finally assumed the editor-in chief position back at Shooting Illustrated, where he served for many years.

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Other Editor-in-Chief Positions

During his decade at the National Rifle Association, Guy J. Sagi also took the helm at Shooting Sports USA, NRA InSights and Free Hunters. Before that, he was editor in chief at Safari Times—Safari Club International's monthly —or 10 years, and along the way in his career he's supervised production and editorial content for Mule Deer Magazine (for the Mule Deer Foundation), 3-Gun Nation Magazine and Game Trails (Dallas Safari Club quarterly).

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In 2016 the National Rifle Association again enlisted the expertise of Guy J. Sagi to help edit its special 200th Anniversary Remington publication, which was distributed at the NRA Annual Meetings. His skills are often used for special projects by companies and organizations, including 3-Gun Nation.

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