Allen Company—Company History

George Cavanaugh started Allen Company in 1970 in Broomfield, Colo., by offering enthusiasts a single, soft-sided gun case. Today the company’s line includes shooting, hunting, tactical, gun storage, gun cleaning, archery, crossbow and fishing accessories, as well as waders. Don’t be surprised if there’s more by the time you read this.

When the firm celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020 Cavanaugh said, “We first want to sincerely thank our customers for their instrumental role in helping us get here. We have tried to treat people fairly and want to be the easiest company that our customers do business with. We’re excited for the company’s future as we have the team in place to take us to the next level.”

Part of those plans were unveiled only a month before, when the company announced it was opening a brand-new corporate headquarters and world-class distribution facility in the first quarter of 2020. The plant combines multiple inventory warehouses, manufacturing operations and front-office administration functions into one synergistic location.

Then, in early summer 2022, Allen Company acquired Breakthrough Clean Technologies, adding its products to a lineup of brands that already included Allen, EZAim, Tac Six, Vanish and Titan.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies is a manufacturer of firearm and outdoor gear cleaning products founded in 2013 by Erick Navarro. That year he introduced Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent—still the company’s flagship product—in response to the growing need for a more effective, odorless, and user-safe cleaning solvent that worked efficiently and safely to remove carbon build-up from firearms fast. The non-corroding, non-combustible, non-carcinogenic and non-irritating solution is odorless, completely evaporates, leaves no residue and still manages to cut through oil, grease and carbon buildup. 

“Allen Company is excited to bring Breakthrough Clean Technologies into our family of products and our company,” said Cavanaugh. “Breakthrough will be a great addition to our family-owned business which strives to bring exceptional products at affordable value to the consumer as well as increase our efficiency with our retail and wholesale partners.”

Allen Company headquarters today is Louisville, CO.