American Tactical

Tony DiChario established American Tactical sometime in the late 1980s. Based in Summerville, SC, it imports and makes a variety of guns. The company also offers a variety of other products, including ammunition.

Its first offering, the AT-47, an alternative to the AK-47. The reception from stateside enthusiasts was a warm one, and the company has continued to expand.

By 2014 the company was offering a hugely successful Omni Hybrid Lower Receiver for ARs, constructed primarily out of high-tech polymer, but with metal reinforcement in all the right places.

I saw my first one at a gun writer’s seminar in Florida that year. It looked great, shaved weight and a confidence-building appearance. Company representatives told us there have been no problems so far with the 5.56 NATO lower, and that they even ran it over with an 11,000-pound forklift during initial testing.

Writers put the Omni Hybrid through the paces for about 45 minutes during the gathering. I didn’t witness any stoppages, failures or signs of fatigue afterward.  

The demonstration made it obvious polymer—at least when it has strategic reinforcement—works well in an AR-15. It’s a great option for those looking to reduce a rifle’s weight. Today the company offers complete Omni-Hybrid ARs and much more.