M.A. Hanna Company and The Geon Company merged in 2000 and became PolyOne. The company grew significantly in the years the followed, providing high performance polymer for the firearm industry.

Then in 2020 the firm acquired Clariant Masterbatch and, once again, changed its name from PolyOne to Avient. “Under this new brand,” said Robert M. Patterson, Chairman, president and chief executive officer of Avient at the time, “we bring two global leaders together to create a specialty company focused on sustainable solutions for our customers, being a great place to work for our associates, and creating value for all stakeholders.”

The company already held an enviable reputation thoughout the firearms manufacturing sector as an original equipment supplier of advanced engineered polymer formulations, including structurally reinforced polymers, long-fiber reinforced polymers, metal replacement engineered formulations and pre-colored materials and formulation for dye sublimation. Firearm products featuring Avient technology include firearm stocks, frames, receivers, magazine, recoil pads and grips. Archery components include bow risers, limbs, stabilizers and assorted accessories.

Avient Corporation is headquartered in Avon Lake, OH. It provides specialized and sustainable material solutions and in 2019 had total revenues of $2.9 billion. The company employs approximately 9,100 associates and is certified ACC Responsible Care and a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.