Caesar Guerini

Antonio and Giorgio Guerini—whose family had deep roots in Italian gunmaking—began designs on a new line of shotguns in 2000, laying the foundation for Caesar Guerini that year. Their vision wasn’t a run-of-the mill shooter, though, it was old-world craftsmanship they desired.

FABARMS was part owner when Caesar Guerrini officially began. The Guerini brothers first worked out of a small site in Marcheno, Italy, and by 2001 their first shotgun line, over-under 12- and 20-gauges, rolled out of the factory. The welcome was a warm one from enthusiasts and in 2002 Caesar Guerrini USA opened to import and distribute the firm’s shotguns into the United States.

The business flourished with the series of highly successful shotguns that followed. In 2006 the company opened a new 22,000-square foot factory that included an underground testing facility to meet demand. Two years later the company purchased the remaining shares held by FABARMS, making it an independent operation.

Then, in 2011, the Guerrini brothers purchased half ownership of that original investor—FABARMS. The combination made the group, at the time, the second-largest firearm manufacturer in Italy. Four years later they acquired 100-percent ownership of that firm.

Today the company continues to produce shotguns that win titles at international, national and regional competitions. Despite the growth, it has never abandoned that dedication to old-world craftsmanship and performance. It still operates out of Marcheno, Italy.