Christensen Arms

The foundation for Christensen Arms was poured in 1984, when Roland Christensen opened ACT Aerospace in Fayette, UT. Putting his doctorate in mechanical engineering to work, he began making cutting-edge composite parts for the aerospace industry. Business was good, but that didn’t stop him from exploring high-tech carbon-fiber construction in other products.

In 1994, after tinkering with baseball bats and other sporting goods, he began work on a carbon-fiber rifle barrel. Officially founded the next year, Christensen Arms was was the first to introduce a carbon-fiber rifle barrel.

Added strength, reduced weight and improved heat transfer are the biggest advantages, and they quickly gained the attention of avid shooters across the globe. Business grew and in 2003 the company began offering aerospace-grade carbon-fiber rifle stocks.

Today Christensen Arms is a leader in the industry and continues to grow annually. It was named one of Utah’s 100-fasest-growing companies in 2022 and 2023. Today the company operates out of Gunnison, UT, not far from where it began in Fayette.