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The Guy J. Sagi byline is familiar and trusted by today's outdoorsmen. Here are links to some of his work on the Internet.

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Images produced by Sagi—from the studio to the field—illustrate articles, fill the catalogs of major manufacturers, help in public relations efforts and sell to the public. For a look at his latest, visit his Adobe Portfolio or click below for a close look at a library of others.

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With more than 20 years at a variety of publications, Sagi is renowned for his ability to improve readability and conform text to style without compromising a writer's voice.

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YouTube Channel

What happens to his dozens of photo outtakes and videos that don't make it into print or on the web? Some wind up on the Fear and Loading YouTube channel, where enthusiasts can get an up close look at gear or find some good reasons to consider a new pursuit.

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Some of his first books were regional fishing guides, including two versions of Fishing Arizona and Small Game Hunting in Arizona. His latest effort is a children's book based on a Search & Rescue mission he was on in Arizona's mountains on Christmas night. It's currently available on Amazon and features his images stylized for young readers.

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Crafting the words and images that capture the spirit of the outdoor sports and the beauty that surrounds them.