RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock

RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock

The new Hornady Security RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock is made of sturdy 14-gauge steel and is designed to accommodate most home defense shotguns. These safes provide quick, safe and secure access when needed the most.

Like all Hornady Security RAPiD Safes, the RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock uses patented RFID technology. Swiping an RFID-equipped wristband, key fob or decal over the safe’s sensor instantly opens its spring-assisted lid. If an RFID tag is not within easy reach, the safe also opens with its digital keypad or backup key. Programming a custom four to six-digit code lets users pick an easy-to-remember combination.

The shotgun wall lock uses heavy-duty 14-gauge steel construction and two internal hardened locking lugs—engineered to withstand a barrage of attacks, including prying, dropping, picking, sawing and targeted hinge attacks. The safe exceeds ASTM international safety standards for security and is certified child-resistant, making them an ideal choice for protecting a home defense shotgun from unauthorized users.

Pre-drilled mounting holes allow easy installation either horizontally or vertically, opening an array of possible in-home mounting spots. The safe’s slim profile fits behind doors, in closets, or inside cabinets. The shotgun wall lock conveniently holds most 12-gauge and 20-gauge side-eject shotguns; the open ejection port rests on a lug inside the safe while the barrel sits within an external muzzle ring, preventing tampering or prying the shotgun. Egg carton foam padding protects the shotgun’s receiver from scratches inside the safe.

RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock Features:

  • Exceeds ASTM International safety standards
  • Fast and dependable touch-free entry
  • Convenient keypad access
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting options
  • Heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction
  • AC power with battery backup
  • Includes: AC power supply, RFID wristband, two RFID stickers, RFID key fob, two circular barrel keys, muzzle ring

RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock Specifications:

  • Type: Fits most shotguns
  • Material: 14-gauge steel with 2 internal hardened locking lugs.
  • Lock: RFID, keypad or circular key
  • Exterior Dimensions: 8.5″ x 9.2″ x 2.7″

MSRP: $275.99

—Hornady Press Release

NRA Show Returns to Pennsylvania

NRA Show Returns to Pennsylvania

The Great American Outdoor NRA Show returns to Pennsylvania Feb. 5 to 13, 2022. It will take place at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

“After a brief hiatus due to pandemic restrictions, we are thrilled to once again gather in Dauphin County for the world’s largest outdoor show,” said Joe DeBergalis, NRA Executive Director of General Operations. “The National Rifle Association membership is made up of millions of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, and no group does more to support, defend, and promote our cherished outdoor traditions than the NRA. Next month, the nation’s best outfitters, outdoor experts, and retailers will gather in Harrisburg for a show you will not want to miss.”

The Great American Outdoor Show celebrates the outdoor traditions treasured by millions of Americans and their families in a 650,000-square-foot exhibit space that will feature nearly 1,100 exhibitors in nine halls, including shooting sports manufacturers, boat and RV dealers, hunting and fishing retailers, more than 400 outfitters and boat captains from across the globe and much more, all part of the world’s biggest consumer outdoor show.

When the NRA Show returns to Pennsylvania visitors can expect to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor gear and family activities, including testing their archery skills for prizes in the 3D Bowhunter Challenge, experiencing world-class fishing lessons from pro anglers at the 5,000-gallon Hawg Tank, participating in almost 200 hunting and fishing seminars, and meeting their favorite celebrities and outdoor personalities. There will be smiles and laughter at the return of the high-flying, big-splashing Dock Dogs. Families can also have fun learning important safety lessons at the Eddie Eagle Kids Zone.

—NRA press release

Photographing the Holosun HM3X Magnifier

Photographing the Holosun HM3X Magnifier

The Holosun HM3X three power magnifier I evaluated and photographed for “Predator Xtreme” magazine last month looks great in images, and underneath that racy exterior beats the heart of a purebred. Behind a Crimson Trace CTS-1000 red-dot optic it got a little less than precise at 100 yards, where the 3X magnification and 3 MOA dot combined to cover 9 inches of real estate. Dial down the red dot’s intensity and it was workable. You’ll have to wait for my review to come out for full details.

The photos I didn’t submit to the editorial team (outtakes) I can, however, share for your weekend viewing pleasure. I prefer to take nearly all my lede-worth images in the outdoors, where the gear will be used, rather than in a sterile studio with distracting calls and e-mails. Don’t get me wrong, the latter location produces some great images—but lack grit.

So the Holosun HM3X Magnifier, rifle and all my photographic gear ventured into North Carolina’s woods just before dusk. The images are about the magnifier, not thick pines, so I deliberately underexposed and shielded them from my flashes. This approach isn’t for the faint of heart.

I used the layering technique I wrote about a while back and I love the look. It just means this simple photo you see above is really two dozen or so combined in Photoshop. It’s time consuming, gobbles up computer resources and more time consuming than it may be worth.

Photographing the Holosun HM3X Magnifier by Guy . Sagi

On the other hand, turning off a layer or two kills the grid glare in the objective lens of the magnifier, simplifies composition slightly and gives it a whole new look (seen above). The combinations are almost unlimited once the raw images are captured right.

Taurus TX22 Competition SCR

Taurus TX22 Competition SCR, Fear and Loading

From Taurus

If you compete in the Steel Challenge Shooting Association matches, you’ll want to take a close look at the new Taurus TX22 Competition SCR. Even if leisurely shooting is more your style, there’s still a lot to like in this innovative semi-auto .22 LR pistol with striking looks.

The Taurus TX22 Competition SCR builds on the company’s original TX22 Competition model with a precision engineered slide, match-grade bull barrel and “skeletonized” slide. Its enlarged ejection port allows red-dot optic mounting to the barrel and to help prevent any issue during ejection of empty shells. The mounting configuration significantly enhances accuracy potential when compared to a slide-mounted optic platform. Two adapter plates each featuring two mounting patterns are included to interface the leading red dot sights on the market today with the barrel.

Two additional factory upgrades further elevate the pistol’s credentials. The first is the TANDEMKROSS Game Changer Pro Squared Compensator. This included compensator features dual 45-degree-angle gas venting to counter muzzle rise and recoil for quicker follow-up shots. The compensator also helps improve overall gun balance that, combined with the muzzle rise and recoil mitigation, keeps the gun “in the zone” for lightning quick target re-acquisition in fast-paced competition.

Another upgrade found exclusively on the TX22 Competition SCR is a TANDEMKROSS Eagle’s Talon extractor. This custom extractor’s precision-machined out of tool steel, positive hook provides a reliable “grab” on the cartridge rim to reduce and eliminate failure-to-eject malfunctions during high-volume cycling.

Taurus TX22 Competition SCR Specifications

Caliber: .22 LR

Capacity: 16 rounds – model: 1-TX22C151-T

10 rounds – model: 1-TX22C151-T10

Magazines Included: 3

Firing System: striker-fired

Action Type: SAO

Barrel Length: 5.25″

Muzzle Device: TANDEMKROSS Game Changer Pro Squared Compensator

Sights Front: fixed (white dot)

Sights Rear: fully adjustable (white dots)

Safety: striker block, manual safety, trigger safety

Frame Size: full

Grip/Frame: polymer

Slide Material: high-grade aluminum

Slide Finish: hard anodize

Accessory Compatibility: red dot optic, Picatinny rail, threaded muzzle

Overall Length: 9.37

Overall Width: 1.25″

Overall Height: 5.44″

Weight: 25.84 oz.

MSRP: $589.32

And if you’re fond of metal-framed handguns, here’s my interview with the experts on how long a polymer pistol can last.

Ruger, Davidsons and 5.11 Are the Latest to Reduce SHOT Show 2022 Exposure

Ruger pulls out of SHOT Show

In an abundance of caution for their staffs, Ruger, Davidson’s and 5.11 are the latest to reduce SHOT Show 2022 exposure by not participating fully in the event. It’s unclear what presence the firms will have, if any. The pair join SIG Sauer, Benelli, Beretta, Steiner and Burris in either not having a booth at all, or leaving physical displays unmanned to minimize employee and contractor exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

E-mails received from Glock, Taurus and Daniel Defense on Jan. 7, 9 a.m., indicate that as then their plans include manning booths during SHOT Show 2022. At 2 p.m. the same day, Otis, DRD Tactical, Shooter’s Choice and Aimpoint all e-mailed to confirm they will be fully staffed on the event’s floor.

Each of the companies confirmed they will be filling orders, answering media questions, conducting press conferences and keeping appointments. MGM targets will also have a booth, but it will not be fully staffed throughout show hours. The company will, however, be making and keeping all scheduled meetings.

The situation continues to evolve, and CES—the world’s largest computer and electronics trade show already underway in Las Vegas—has made the unprecedented decision to close one day early. Attendance is down by roughly 50 percent, despite the fact proof of vaccination was required to enter the show floor. CNET.com’s correspondent at the event said crowds were “…estimated to be less than half of the 150,000 who attended CES two years ago…” Both CES and SHOT Show were held virtually last year.

The reduced, missing or unmanned booth trend at CES has already spilled onto the SHOT Show 2022 floor before it opens in Vegas on Jan. 18. On Jan. 5 The Washington Post noted that at the electronics show there, “…were multiple bare patches of floor where companies had presumably planned to—but never did—present their work.” This list above, however, makes it obvious there is no avalanche of gun-related firms planning on missing what is traditionally the largest gathering of the firearm industry.

Travel woes are another variable as the Omicron variant continues its unchecked spread. Aside from winter weather, “…a high number of call-outs by employees who were either sick with COVID-19 or were isolating after close contact with someone with the virus” are the culprit for many Southwest Airlines cancelations, according to a company statement reported by NBC-TV affiliate NBCDFW. The inability for passengers to get tested, according to the Wall Street Journal, is a big contributor to increased flight crew exposure.

Final figures are in from CES, which just closed in Vegas. Attendance was down 75 percent compared to 2020 and there was a dramatic drop in media attendance.

The Safariland group also withdrew from SHOT Show 2022 on Jan. 6.

Omen for SHOT Show 2022

CES, the largest trade show in the world for the electronics and computer industry, opened yesterday and the halls looked like a ghost town—an ominous omen for SHOT Show 2022, which takes place a few days later. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s photographic coverage provided by Mashable, along with comparisons with pre-pandemic, shoulder-to-shoulder crowds.

SHOT Show 2022 is also takes place Las Vegas. It, unlike CES, doesn’t require proof of vaccination or provide complimentary COVID tests to attendees. Beretta announced earlier this week a policy that it would not be participating in major indoor events while the COVID pandemic continued unchecked. As a result, it will not be staffing booths on the SHOT Show floor. SIG Sauer withdrew in October.

CES typically attracts roughly five to seven times the attendance of the SHOT Show.

Beretta Withdraws from SHOT Show Floor

Beretta Withdraws from SHOT Show Floor

Beretta Holding Group, owner of Beretta, Benelli, Steiner and Burris, will not man booths on the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show floor, which opens Jan. 18 in Las Vegas, NV. The announcement is part of the firm’s new health safety policy in which it will not participate in large-scale indoor events during the unchecked spread of COVID-19 and its variants.

SIG Sauer withdrew from SHOT in October, citing health concerns for its team and families. The number of major firearm makers publicly announcing they will not be attending—or at least reducing footprint —remains low. Losing the companies that have provided the official sidearm for the United States miliary for the past 37 years, however, is significant. Both firms, however, emphasized their continuing support of the organizing group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), during their respective statements.

This year SHOT exhibitors and their staff were required to sign a “hold harmless” document that releases the National Shooting Sports Foundation—which has conducted the event since 1979—and its contractors for the show from any liability incurred from COVID-19 contracted during the event. Several manufacturers that requested anonymity said the weight of that added financial exposure may force them to cancel. A variety of the outdoor media’s major players have already stated they and their teams will not be attending this year.

CES, the world’s largest computer and electronics trade show, opened today in Las Vegas. It suffered a number of last-minute withdrawals from some of that industry’s major players due to COVID-19 health concerns. Peloton joined the no-show ranks earlier this week. Goliaths that had already pulled their on-floor and special event presence already included Intel, Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), Lenovo, T-Mobile and many others.

Masks are mandatory at both SHOT and CES, but the latter also required proof of vaccination to secure credentials. Organizers there also provided a COVID-19 antigen self-test to each attendee, with a recommendation to use one of the two included units prior to entering the show floor and the other at least 24, but not more than 48, hours later. Despite the added precautions, CES took the unprecedented step of canceling the last day of the show.

Air travel is also a growing logistical problem. Thousands of flights were canceled during the holiday season due to weather and air crews suffering with, or recovering from, COVID-19. The trend continues to this day, with the Washington Post reporting nearly 1,400 flights have been canceled today alone.

More than 800,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and its mutations since the first reported stateside mortality on Feb. 29, 2020. The Omicron variant, although less lethal, continues to set records for daily cases in the United States.

When CES opened, the show floor was nearly vacant. Here’s a look at an image gallery from Mashable.

SIG SAUER Custom Works P320 XCOMPACT, P365XL Spectre Series Pistols

SIG SAUER Custom Works P320 XCOMPACT, P365XL Spectre Series Pistols


SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the Spectre series pistols from SIG SAUER Custom Works. The P320 XCOMPACT Spectre and P365XL Spectre pistols feature the new Laser Engraved LXG Grip Module, and custom distressed slide, combined with the popular XSERIES features, delivering a custom concealed carry experience straight from the SIG SAUER factory.

“This latest creation form SIG Custom Works brings an entirely new level of customization to our two most popular lines of pistols – the P320 and P365,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The all new LXG grip module is laser engraved in-house, and the custom pattern on all four sides delivers an aggressive, stylish texture for a stronger, more controlled grip. The custom slides are distressed with the exclusive Spectre XSERIES lightening cuts, making the Spectre series of pistols truly unique, and a real standout for concealed carry.”

The SIG Custom Works Spectre series pistols are 9mm striker-fired pistols, featuring the all-new LXG Grip Module with laser engraving on all four sides, a deep trigger undercut, and extended beavertail, complemented by the Custom Works Spectre slide with distressed finish and custom Spectre XSERIES lightening cuts. Both pistols include XSERIES flat triggers, XRAY3 Day/Night sights, and custom optic ready slides.. The SIG Custom Works P320 Spectre is direct-mount compatible with the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO1Pro , the soon to be released SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO2, Delta Point Pro, and RMR Reflex Optics, and ships with (2) 15-round steel magazines. The SIG Custom Works P365XL Spectre is compatible with the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEOZero or RMSC sights, and ships with (2) 12-round steel magazines. Each Spectre pistol comes with a SIG Custom Works Challenge Coin and Certificate of Authenticity.

P320 XCOMPACT Spectre:

Overall length: 7.4 inches

Overall height: 5.3 inches

Overall width: 1.3 inches

Barrel length: 3.9 inches

Sight Radius: 5.8inches

Weight (w/magazine): 26 oz.

P365XL Spectre:

Overall length: 6.6 inches

Overall height: 4.8 inches

Overall width: 1.1 inches

Barrel length: 3.7 inches

Sight Radius: 5.6inches

Weight (w/magazine): 20.7 oz.

The SIG SAUER P320 Spectre and P365XL Spectre are now shipping and available at retailers. To learn more about the SIG SAUER P320 and P365XL Spectre series pistols, or watch the P320 Spectre series and P365XL Spectre series product videos with Phil Strader visit sigsauer.com.

HIVIZ Introduces LiteWave H3 Plain Barrel Shotgun Sight

HIVIZ Introduces LiteWave H3 Plain Barrel Shotgun Sight

From HIVIZ Shooting Systems

HIVIZ Shooting Systems made a name for itself with shotgun sights starting in 1996. Since then, they have been a leader in innovative sights for hunting and competitive shooting with products such as the TriViz® and the CompSight®, and this year is no different! Adding to its already popular line of Tritium/Fiber-Optic handgun sights, HIVIZ has added a plain barrel shotgun sight to its LiteWave H3® family of products.

This new sight combines the benefits of light-gathering Fiber-Optic capabilities with light-emitting Tritium for 24-hour illumination! Housed in a steel constructed frame, this screw attach sight is extremely durable and allows an unprecedented amount of light to enter the LitePipes during the day while emitting the glow of Tritium in low light and no light conditions. The new HIVIZ LiteWave H3 Plain Barrel Shotgun Sight was designed for the roughest use, whether it be tactical application, personal defense, in the field or on the range, it will keep you on target from dawn until dusk. It fits most plain barrel shotguns with removable front bead. MSRP: $55.00.

For additional information and to see the new HIVIZ LiteWave H3 Plain Barrel Shotgun Sight, visit our website: www.hivizsights.com/ or call 800.589.4315.

About HIVIZ – HIVIZ® Shooting Systems is the designer, engineer and manufacturer of high quality and innovative products for shotguns, handguns and rifles. Founded in 1996, the company has stayed true to its vision: to advance the art of shooting. From the unique molded LitePipe Technology to our patented LiteWave H3® Tritium/Fiber-Optic sights, HIVIZ continues to be a leader in the shooting world. Whether it is in the field, at the range or for personal defense, HIVIZ Sights help you See What You’ve Been Missing. We are proud to be installed as original equipment on many major brands including Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Benelli, Browning, Henry Rifles and Remington, among others. For more information, visit: www.hivizsights.com.

CZ-USA’s All-Terrain Shotguns

CZ-USA’s All-Terrain Shotguns


Several of CZ-USA’s most popular shotguns are available in their All-Terrain Series, which features an OD Green Cerakote finish and walnut stock for the best in all-season durability and elegant design. Likewise, four break-barrel models feature an innovative patent-pending earth magnet design to keep shotgun shells in place when bird hunters are most active in the field.

Perfect for chasing every species, from doves and ducks to turkey and grouse, the All-Terrain Series includes the semi-auto 1012 and break barrel Bobwhite G2, Drake, Redhead Premier, and Upland Ultralight models. Barrels and receivers feature an OD Green Cerakote finish that delivers the ultimate in durability no matter how nasty the elements get. Whether you’re hunkered down in a duck blind or traipsing through the timber, the All-Terrain Series shotguns are built to take whatever abuse gets thrown their way. The series combines rugged dependability with a stunning look.

The stand-out feature of the break-open models is the utilization of an earth magnet that is included in the design of the extractor/ejectors. The magnets allow modern shells to be retained, even when the gun is turned upside down. Likewise, the magnets make it easy to load the shotgun in a blind and prevent dropping shells when bending down to work with a dog.

Available in 12- or 20-gauge variants, as well as 28- or 30-inch barrel lengths depending on the model, the All-Terrain Series shotguns come with extended chokes and sling swivel studs. Form meets function with these thoughtfully designed and highly durable shotguns from CZ-USA.

All-Terrain Series Features:

  • OD Green Cerakote finish for ruggedness in the worst elements
  • Extractor/ejector earth magnets on break-open variants to retain shells even when the gun is turned upside down
  • Premium walnut stock and forend
  • Sling-swivel studs
  • Extended chokes

1012 All-Terrain Specs:

  • 12 GA
  • Barrel: 28”
  • MSRP: $715

Bobwhite G2 All-Terrain Specs:

  • 12 or 20 GA
  • Barrel: 28”
  • MSRP: $855

Drake All-Terrain Specs:

  • 12 or 20 GA
  • Barrel: 28”
  • MSRP: $815

Redhead Premier All-Terrain:

  • 12 or 20 GA
  • Barrel: 28” or 30”
  • MSRP: $1,159

Upland Ultralight All-Terrain:

  • 12 or 20 GA
  • Barrel: 28”
  • MSRP: $919

For more information, please visit WWW.CZ-USA.COM.