Leica Compact Geovid Pro 32 Rangefinding Binoculars in New Limited Edition Olive-Green Color

Leading German optics brand Leica has unveiled a new limited edition color option for its Geovid Pro 32 rangefinding binoculars, a field-ready olive-green.

The updated Geovid Pro 32 rangefinding binoculars, which are available in 8×32 and 10×32, were unveiled to the public in 2022 and combines industry-leading optical quality and ballistic technology in a compact, slim design. Now, this best-selling design is available to American hunters in a new olive-green limited edition. Perfect for blending into a range of environments for glassing in the field, the olive-green Pro 32 rangefinding binoculars will quickly become a must-have for US hunters.

With enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and integration with the new Leica Hunting App, the Geovid Pro 32 rangefinding binoculars are engineered to seamlessly combine on-board atmospheric sensors with the latest Applied Ballistics technology. Standard with Applied Ballistics Ultralight, it offers easy upgrades to Applied Ballistics Sportsman or Elite for advanced capabilities.

The Geovid Pro 32 rangefinders feature advanced GPS tracking connectivity thanks to Leica ProTrack, guiding users to the target based on the last ranged measurement. It stands as the first premium rangefinder to integrate GPS mapping through BaseMap and Google Maps, elevating in-field tracking, surveying and game recovery to unprecedented levels of precision.

The Geovid Pro 32 collection’s optics are best-in-class, providing users with high-light transmission, exceptional color fidelity and ideal contrasts. The patented “Perger-Porro” optics design ensures outstanding quality in light transmission, resolution and a perfectly sharp edge-to-edge viewing experience.

Backed by Leica’s best-in-class 10-year to 30-year warranty, the Geovid Pro 32 olive-green limited edition represents a harmonious blend of innovation and reliability in the realm of precision optics.

Selling price:

40819 Leica Geovid Pro 8×32 olive-green limited edition $2,999

40820 Leica Geovid Pro 10×32 olive-green limited edition $2,999

Start of delivery for the Leica Geovid Pro 32 8×32 and 10×32 olive-green limited editions is February 2024.

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