New Speed Loader for K-Frame Size Revolvers

From Zeta Industries

Zeta Industries is pleased to introduce a new and unique revolver speedloader designed specifically for 6-shot K-frame size revolvers. The new K-PAK™ is a low cost, polyurethane speedloader that arranges six rounds into two equal three-round arcs. Unlike traditional rigid speedloaders, K-PAK™ is narrow and flexible making it great for concealed pocket carry. This is the first K-frame size speedloader for the Zeta6™ brand, which includes a full line of J-frame speedloaders.

“The inspiration for this design was the moon clip, used since the early 20th century to quickly reload revolvers.”, says Michael Lyle, product designer. “We wanted to make the speedloader completely symmetrical, so the user would not have to think about orientation. For this reason, we pointed the two half-round moon clip patterns in opposite directions creating something that we call an offset strip speedloader.”

The K-PAK™ works perfectly with all Smith & Wesson 6-shot, K-frame revolvers chambered in 38SP/357. K-PAK™ also fits perfectly in the Kimber K6s, Taurus 856, and many Colt models including PPS, DS, Agent, and new King Cobra.

Zeta6™ K-PAK™ is available now on the website and at many gun stores. K-PAK™ is sold in 2-packs for $11.95.