Bergara Rifles B-14R Trainer Rifle Left-Handed 22LR

From Bergara Rifles

BPI Outdoors / Bergara Rifles is pleased to announce that their Bergara B-14R Trainer rifle will be available in a left-handed version in steel and carbon fiber barrel.

Ben Fleming, Vice-President of Sales, said, “We’re so excited to announce the release of the B-14R Trainer rifle in left-handed for 2021. The B-14R was so well received by our Bergara shooters last year, that we couldn’t leave out left-handed shooters without a great option to use! The new B-14R Trainer left-handed rifle will be built with all the great features and accuracy that the right-handed variant has. We hope our lefty shooters out there find this to be a great fit for them in 2021!”

Whether it’s for use in the surging popularity of .22 competitions or as a trainer, the new B-14R Trainer, is going to be a game changer for left-handed shooters in the rimfire world.

While it’s true that less than 10% of the market actually shoots left-handed, Bergara feels it is an important, yet largely underserved segment that we are excited to finally enter.

This new rifle is designed as a true rimfire trainer and competition rifle due to the fact that it is a full scale REM700 footprint, including a 90° lift and longer bolt throw. These features allow shooters to have the same size and feel to their centerfire rifle, or even set up as a clone to their centerfire to train with. Therefore, it also accommodates other REM700 compatible stocks, bases, and triggers.

Because the B14R Trainer is based on a full-size receiver design, it also provides a perfect platform to allow any shooter the ability to customize their rifle with several compatible accessories. The magazine features a modified single-stack design that is built to similar dimensions as a standard short action AICS mag.

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