Butt Master Made Canada’s Gun Ban List

Fear & Loading has learned a political stink is rising in Canada because the single-shot, .22 LR Butt Master made Canada’s gun ban list. The only one made, which was 23 years ago, is still owned Mark Serbu, the sole owner of Florida-based Serbu Firearms.

As Fox News explains, “The one-of-a-kind firearm is listed in Bill C-21’s November amendment of firearms to be banned in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bid to combat mass shootings.”

Producers of the John Wick and Diehard franchises failed to respond when asked why the gun never made it onto the silver screen. Fear & Loading has learned, however, manufacturers in China are already feverishly designing thermal sights, flash hiders, standard-capacity magazines and threaded aftermarket barrels. Flash hiders and suppressors will follow.

The Toronto Sun noted, “The Butt Master sounds like the kind of fitness product that would show up on a late-night infomercial or bad social media ad… Instead, it’s one of the guns Justin Trudeau is banning to keep Canada safe from mass shootings, or that’s what he keeps telling us.”

Butt Masters at SHOT Show 2023?

Who could blame Serbu if he uses the fact that the Butt Master Made Canada’s gun ban list to launch a line at the SHOT Show. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, after all.

If that happens, enthusiasts who hope to add one to their collection should know reloading requires unscrewing the breech plug, then manually pulling the spent casing from the chamber. Then a fresh cartridge can be inserted, the breech plug threaded back on and, after it’s tightened, another shot is possible.

Expect the time required to rival that of an NFL video review—with at last five commercials, more if you’re wearing gloves. Since the Butt Master has no sights, you can anticipate accuracy to be slightly better than pro-football’s officiating, however.  

Exercise caution when shopping, too. A similarly named Master Series Jeweled Prostate Steel Butt Plug in a Gun Metal finish—that somehow avoided Trudeau’s ire, despite similar operating system—is currently available online. Enthusiasts in the habit of hitting that “buy now” button after an adult beverage or two could wind up attracting unwanted attention from their postal carrier. If they (meaning the jewel-free guns) become available, we recommend shopping directly at Serbu Firearms, having it shipped to your favorite FFL and canceling any plans you have for “taking off” to the Great White North.