New ZipSip Adjustable Drink Holders in Mossy Oak Patterns

Mossy Oak and ZipSip, makers of adjustable, insulated drink holders, have collaborated to offer the ZipSip and BigSip in Mossy Oak patterns.

ZipSip is the world’s first adjustable drink holder. The patented design with adjustable zippers allows you to perfectly insulate any drink at any time. Fits any drink from slim cans to regular cans and bottles, to pint glasses, hot coffee, iced coffee, smoothies and solo cups all in a perfectly insulated all-in-one product.

“We say a ZipSip is the product that fits your drink and your lifestyle,” said Lacie Leatherman, ZipSip founder. “For me, one of the most rewarding parts is seeing ZipSips used as a tool to extend Mossy Oak’s brand into people’s everyday lives. Now your favorite pattern is on your morning cup of coffee, your afternoon smoothie or energy drink, and your can or bottle while you relax in your backyard with friends or family.”

Made with high-quality collapsible neoprene the ZipSip is perfectly portable making it the best solution for tailgates, BBQs, parties, golf outings, beach days, concerts, sporting events and so much more.

ZipSip retails for $9.99 to $13.99 and is offered in Mossy Oak Obsession NWTF, Shadow Grass Blades, Shadow Grass Habitat, Break-Up Country, Bottomland, Elements Agua Marlin, and Elements Agua Spindrift. You can purchase online at or Amazon.