Mossberg Updates 940 Pro Waterfowl Series Autoloading Shotguns

Launched in 2021, the Mossberg 940 Pro Waterfowl and the Mossberg 940 Pro Snow Goose 12-gauge autoloaders provide waterfowlers with durable, high-performance shotguns built for the extremes. Now Mossberg is taking these field-proven shotguns to the next level with an optic-ready receiver, designed to accept the direct mounting of micro dot optics (RMSc-pattern). And the 940 Pro Waterfowl will wear a new camo-finished stock and forend with the latest from Mossy Oak®, their Vintage Shadow Grass® pattern.

Mossberg’s 940 Pro Waterfowl Series features Cerakote metal surfaces; 28-inch chrome-lined barrels equipped with HIVIZ CompSight front fiber optic sights; durable synthetic forends and self-draining stocks. Further enhancing the 940 Pro is a nickel boron-coating on internal components (gas piston, magazine tube, hammer, sear, and return spring tube), stainless steel rings, and a hard-anodized aluminum return spring plunger.

Designed to reliably perform the 940 Pro includes a gas system that may run up to 1,500 rounds before cleaning and will cycle factory-manufactured 2.75 or 3-inch ammunition that is 1 1/8 ounce or greater. Standard features include oversized, beveled loading port with redesigned elevator and shell catch to allow for efficient and pinch-free loading into the magazine tube; barrel-making process to maintain point-of-aim and impact; slim-profile forend and user-configurable stock for length-of-pull (13–14.25 inches), drop, and cast; and oversized charging handle and paddle-style bolt release for ease of operation. And now, these versatile autoloaders feature an innovative receiver cut to directly mount optics. A cover plate is included when an optic is not in use.

940 Pro Waterfowl Optic Ready (85164) – This optic ready 12-gauge, 3-inch autoloader features a 28-inch AccuChoke-compatible vent rib barrel equipped with a HIVIZ CompSight front fiber optic sight. An extended X-Factor Modified choke tube and flush Full and Improved Cylinder chokes are included. Metal surfaces (receiver and barrel) wear a weather resistant Cerakote finish in Patriot Brown which naturally blends with the Mossy Oak Vintage Shadow Grass camouflaged stock and forend. Rounding out this package is aggressive Mossberg signature texturing on the forend and stock; sling swivel studs; 5-round capacity; optic-cut receiver; drilled and tapped receiver; and ambidextrous safety. MSRP: $1,246

940 Snow Goose Optic Ready -13 Shot (85167) and 5-Shot (85168) – Two optic-ready versions of this 12-gauge, 3-inch fowling shotgun are available with 28-inch barrel length, and an extended magazine tube on 13-shot version for areas where capacity is not restricted. The vent-rib barrel is topped with a HIVIZ CompSight front fiber optic sight and comes equipped with an extended X-Factor Modified and flush Full and Improved Cylinder choke tubes are included. Battleship Gray Cerakote finish is featured on the receiver and barrel with complementing TrueTimber Viper Snow camouflage covering the stock and forend. Other features include aggressive Mossberg signature texturing on the stock and forend; sling swivel studs; optic-cut receiver; drilled and tapped receiver; and top-mounted safety for ease of use by right or left-handed shooters. MSRP: $1,323

Mossberg’s 940 Pro Waterfowl and 940 Pro Snow Goose 12-gauge autoloading shotguns provide enhanced protection from the elements, reliable performance, and durability for the harsh conditions that waterfowl hunters face. To see the complete line of 940 Pro autoloaders, please visit the Mossberg website.

Also new from Mossberg for 2024 is the 940Pro Turkey Holosun combo.

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