Leica Calonox 2 Next-Gen Thermal Imaging Technology with Laser Rangefinder

The new Leica Calonox 2 series of thermal optics redefines thermal imaging technology by combining high performance, precision engineering and modularity with Leica’s renowned advanced rangefinding capabilities. Both Calonox 2 Sight and View models have the option of an onboard laser rangefinder to increase ethicality and accuracy with this cutting-edge technology. The clip-on Calonox 2 Sight model offers a unique zeroing free, plug and play solution that makes switching a thermal optic between rifle platforms the easiest it has ever been with this technology.

The Calonox 2 range of products are meticulously designed and manufactured in Germany, using exclusively European high-quality components. By only using these top-tier components combined with Leica’s precision manufacturing, the Calonox 2 range of thermal optics achieve the legendary standard Leica’s customer’s demand.

The entire Calonox 2 range of thermal optics have distinct advantages over traditional night vision. Calonox 2 can be utilized during the day as well as in complete darkness. There is no longer a need for low levels of light or IR enhancers as the thermal sensor detects the slightest variation in temperature of an animal and its surroundings, offering distinct advantages when identifying naturally camouflaged wildlife during the day, or the darkest of nights.

The Calonox 2 range also incorporates an optional built-in laser rangefinder so hunters are able to dramatically increase the accuracy of their night hunting. Hunters already invested in a night hunting solution can add the Calonox 2 View (LRF) to their set up to add a thermal rangefinding solution and enhance their ethicality.

The modularity of the Calonox 2 Sight unit is unsurpassed when used as a clip-on to a traditional riflescope or as a Picatinny rail attachment in front of a riflescope. The precise placement of the sensor in relation to the objective lens and display screen has eliminated the need to recalibrate or re-zero. The resulting unlimited flexibility allows the Calonox 2 to be switched between multiple bolt guns, gas guns and even rimfire. Hunters no longer are limited to a single platform night hunting system.

Legal notice: When using thermal imaging technology, please observe the specific legislation for your State.

50513 Leica Calonox 2 View $4,399

50512 Leica Calonox 2 View LRF $5,299

50511 Leica Calonox 2 Sight $4,399

50510 Leica Calonox 2 Sight LRF $5,299

Delivery dates:

Leica Calonox 2 Sight and Calonox 2 Sight LRF Jan 31 2024
Leica Calonox 2 View and Calonox 2 View LRF Jan 31 2024

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