Vets Tactical Showcases Cupolster at SHOT Show

Vets Tactical is excited to introduce its patent-pending Cupolster vehicle cup holder holster at their inaugural exhibit during the 2024 NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV. Precisely engineered with an ergonomic cant, the innovative Cupolster BRAVO SERIES by Vets Tactical vehicle holster raises the bar for swift firearm access and user comfort within a vehicle.

Vets Tactical CEO Craig Washburn describes Cupolster’s transformative potential. “Its design, positioning, and angle create a strategic staging area for your handgun, facilitating swift and efficient retrieval from your vehicle’s existing cup holder. When seconds matter most, your sidearm is easily accessible without hindering your field of view. Say goodbye to awkward bending or reaching—your firearm is right at your fingertips, ready to defend you and your loved ones.”

Washburn explained the convenience of customization without the need for adhesives or screws, “Customize your vehicle’s cup holder with our sizing tools. No need to worry about permanent alterations to your car’s interior—pop it in, and it securely stays in place. Plus, it’s easily transferable between vehicles,” he said. To address in-vehicle safety, the ambidextrous Cupolster BRAVO SERIES features a fully covered trigger guard allowing cross-draw positioning adapted to right or left-handed drivers and front-seat passengers.

Acknowledging the discomfort of driving with traditional holsters, Washburn added, “Whether IWB or OWB, driving with a holstered firearm can be uncomfortable. The Cupolster addresses that issue, providing a seamless and efficient solution for firearm carry within vehicles.”

Cupolster BRAVO SERIES Vehicle Holster Features

·Swift and ergonomic access: The 20-degree cant optimizes the holster’s position in vehicle cup holsters, providing unparalleled accessibility and an ergonomic fit for swift handgun access.

·Universal compatibility: The BRAVO SERIES offers versatility for a wide range of firearm sizes.

·Customized fit: Each Cupolster includes a magnet and sizing accessories, allowing users to tailor the fit to their specific cup holder.

·Easy installation: No tools, screws, or glue required.

·Adaptable: Enhance compatibility with smaller vehicle cup holders using the CHARLIE ALPHA Cup Adapter (sold separately), expanding the Cupolster’s adaptability across many vehicles.

·Ambidextrous: Can be configured for cross-draw positioning, catering to right and left-handed users.

·Four options: Different sizes ensure the perfect fit for specific handguns.

BRAVO ONE: Fits most large to medium-framed semi-auto handguns with slide widths up to 1.05”

BRAVO ONE LIMA: Designed for handguns with attached Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-7, Surefire 300x, Olight Valkyrie, and similar structured lights with slide widths up to 1.05”

BRAVO ONE MICRO: For smaller framed semi-auto, micro, compact, and subcompact handguns with slide widths up to .88”

BRAVO ONE XL: Ideal for extra-large-framed handguns with slide widths from 1.06” to 1.25”

·MSRP: $69.95